Listed alphabetically by first name

Barbara Eversult

Big Steve

Biker Bruce Fischer

Bill Merian

Bill Boess

Bobby Kimbrough

Bob and Debbie Welch

Bob Zeller

Braden Wasson

Brenda Pecharich

Brudda Brett

Carey Davis

Catfish Woody

Cattle Barons

Chris Holt

Chuck Fry

Clarence Chastain

CRA Officials

Danny P

Dave and Jody Dunham

Dick and Mary Sowers

Dick and Sue Fry


D J Everett

Don Read

Don "The" Barber

Don Zabel

Doug Allen

Fran and Jim Herdrich

Frank Lewis

Frank Uhl

Gale Forestor

Gene Tussing

George Rimmer

Gregg Gallant

Greg "Chainsaw" Godek

Hal Matthews

Harold and Alice

High Groove

Jack Gardner

Jack and Natalie

JD Cormack

Jeff and Cindy Kohler

Jeff McSpadden

Jerry Hudson

Jerry and Vivian Crowell

Jim and Carol Wolfe

Jim and Clair Dale

Jim Fargo

Jim Hedblom

Jim Naylor

Jim and Sandra Bartosh

Jim Thurman

Jim Viviano

Joe and Ellen Ellis

Joe Godoy

John Baumann

John and Maria Gardner

Joy Paulson

Julie Shiosaki

Karl Latner

Keith Murray

Keith Shockley

Ken Taubel

Kevin Eckert


Larry Nuber

Larry Wagner

Lore Fritchie

Lee Vodden

Leroy Bedingfield

Little John

Lois Ward

LT Works

Mallory Gardner

Marie Sweeney

Mark Thrasher

Bethany Thrasher

Marty and Diane

Mike and Evelyn Clark

Mike Truex

Myra Jolly

Nelson Stewart

Norm Bogan

Pat and Lee Ann Normoyle

Patrick Nalon

Paul Dean

Randy Shiosaki

Rich Chesavage

Richard and Sylvia Watkins

Ron Bach

Ron Shipley

Roy Kischell

Russ Creason

Shelley Ostling

Sherri Spencer

Sonia Duffy

Stan Perry

Stephan Pettigrew

Steve Koletar

Steve and Kim Lafond

Tad and Dois Lent

Terri Bliss

Terry "Old Milwaukee"

Stubby and Darleen Dils

Tina Dils

Toby Sampson

Tom Schmeh

Tom Touts

Tracy and Gerry Johnson

Vinnie Latner

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