Mark Thrasher

Mark at the AZ hall of fame


Mark in the Manzy grandstands

Mark with Joe and the Wags

Mark with Bethany

Mark with Ben and Wags

Mark with Mrs Wags, Joe and Jim

Mark with Mrs Wags

Mark with his family at Ventura

Mark and family on Ventura flagstand

Mark and family in 1990

Mark and wife Janelle

Mark's kids Ben and Kaitlyn

Mark and daughter Bethany

Mark with Bethany, Ben and Wags at Perris

Mark with Ben and Bethany

Mark with Ben, Bethany and Bradden

Mark crossing the track at Manzy

Mark having cake

Mark and Bethany

Mark and Bethany at Manzy

Mark at Ventura with his sun hat on

Mark with Fargo, Bethany and Bradden

Mark with Ben and Bethany

Mark and Bethany

Mark, Bethany and Gary

Mark, RJ Johnson and Bobby

Mark having fun in the Wagsmobile

Mark with Gary and Bethany


The Thrasher family plus Joe

Mark with Kim Toops and Ellen

Mark and Alvin Clark

Mark, Janellem Bethany and Ellen

Ben in trouble

Mark and Alvin Clark


Mark with Doris Clark

Mark at dinner

Mark in a spiffy racing shirt

Mark and Bethany

Mark with Bethany and Bradden

Mark with Bethany and Braden

Mark with R J Johnson

Mark with Mrs Wags, Jim Fargo and Joe Ellis

Mark with ??

Mark and Bethany

Mark with Manzy officials

Mark with Mrs Wags and Jim fargo

Mark with Ben and Alvin at Manzy

Mark and Janel

Janel, Kaitlyn and Mrs Wags

Terry with the Thrashers at joes party

Tharashers and the Wags

Mark Thrasher once remarked to me that the Wagsdash belongs to him, too! He is a man from a racing family and did a lot for Keith Hall at Manzy to help out. He supported the Wagtimes and made many trips to Ventura for the Annual the Wagsdash. He is special and we love he's recovering from cancer.

Updated 7/20/17