Terri Bliss

Devilish Terri with her dog Chili

The three devils Terri, Julie and Nellie at the Wagsdash

Terri, Julie and Fran

Terri and Julie

Terri with Fran and Lesley

Terri with Tanner Watson

Terri and Julie

Terri with Julie and Wags

Terri with Karen and Mrs Wags

Terri with Chili

Terry with Julie and Evelyn

This must be Bliss! Terri has put hubby Russ to sleep?

Terri and Julie worked hard all year for USAC’s succes

Terri was involved with racing thru her husband Russell, who passed away, for many years. She's relayed tot he aBubby Jones family. She worked CRA with Julie Shiosaki until she moved back to North Carolina.

Updated 7/10/17