Sonia Duffy

Sonia with Tracy and Rip Williams

Sonia with Helen Burchell

The family at Ventura

Sonia and Krista

Sonia with Marilyn Thomas


Daughter Keri workin the Wagsdash

Sonia and John

Sonia under the EZ-UP

John and Keri

Sonia and John in the Perris grandstands

Sonia and Krista during teardown after a Wagsdash

Sonia with Krista, Kari and my daughter Tracy

Sonia and Krista

Sonia and the family7 at Perris

Sonia and Darleen

Sonia and John with Mackenzie

Sonia and Tracy

Sonia and Krista freezing in the grandstands

Sonia wandering the PAS front area

John happy at the Wagsdash

Sonia at the Wagsdash

John with Mackenzie

Sonia and John

Sonia and Mrs Wags

Sonia and Wags

Sonia with Kari and Krista

In memory of Willie here are a few pics

Willie and Sonia

Willie and Wags

Sonia and Willie at Wagsland

Willie and Sonia

Willie and Sonia

Sonia and her family are a long story that starts years ago going racing and has slowed down now as she has to go to South Dakota to help take care of her mom a lot. Her close family still has roots close enough to Hemit where she and her hubby have settled.

Created 05/31/17