Tina Dils

Tina with Stubby and Tom

Tina getting a helmet auctioned off

Tina with Jennifer Perry

Tina happy happy happy!

Tina working


Tina with Kim and Korie Lafond

Tina with her helmet on

Tina in her car

Tina getting settled

Tina about ready

Tina with a snack

Tina selling raffle tickets to the quilt


Tina in Wags flame wear

Tina in a Peabody T Shirt

Tina flagging a race

Tina presenting the Wagsbucks

Tina with a cookie

Tina with Wags

Tina with Mrs Wags doing a drawing

Tina on the phone. They still have these?

Tina with Mike Clark and Wags

Tina with an auction helmet

Tina at Xmas

Tina in wagswear

Tina and Tom

Tom and Tina



Tina works in the Veterinarian arena. She was a pushtruck driver at Ascot and still has the truck. She collects model horses and works on that year round. She wanted to race, but never had time even though I think she has a Dwarf car hidden away somewhere.

Updated 7/9/17