Hal Matthews

Hal at Ascot Mrs Wags Chili Feed

Hal with Timmy, wags, The Barber and Mad Man Mike

Hal with his brother Rob and Nancy Tussing

Hal with Mrs Wags and Tory

Hal with the Cap Doc Galen Nelson and Stan Cook

Hal and Timmy by Sammy Swindell rig

Hal and Timmy

Hal and Timmy at Yuma


Hal with Marilyn Thomas

Hal at Wagsland

Hal reading Open Wheel

Hal in the Ventura grandstands

Hal and Timmy

Hal with Jody Dunham and Mrs Wags

Timmy at Wagsland

Hal was a good friend for a long time and we saw him and his son Timmy at Ascot a lot. Over time, he shuttled off to Tuscon and haven't seen him since. A great man and he sponsored Bobby Michnowicz at one time.

Created on 05/31/17