Gale Foresteer

Gale with Bill Wilkerson

Gale with Billy again in my Mule

Gale was a long time crew member on Billy Wilkerson sprint cars. I once gave him credit in a Wagtimes article for setting up the car driven by Rip Williams at the time. He straightened me out by saying I'm just a helper, that's Billy's job as the crew chief. He couldn't take credit even if he did do it. A very honest and quiet man, he could make you feel good being around him. He had some serious health problems that didn't allow much walking because it winded him, but he accepted rides from me reluctantly in my mule in the pits, because he didn't want to put anybody out. He was one of the original paper Wagtimes recipients and often talked to me about it. A good man who does good works.

Created on 05/31/17