Shelley Ostling

Shelley and Tony Jones

Shelley with Blake Miller, Chris Holt and Danny Sheridan

Shelley with Garrett Hansen

Shelley in the pits

Shelley sitting in front of the grandstands at Perris

Shelley next to Chris

Shelley with Nellie Stansberry

Shelley with Wags

Shelley with her daughter

Shelley with Paul Dean at Kittle trailer

Shelley at Calistoga

Shelley and Julie on the move

Shelley in the pits


Shelley and Steve

Shelly selliing t-shirts?

Julie and Shelley

steve and Shelley

Terry and Taylor Ostling

Terry with Taylor and the Bahr's

Shelley was married to Steve for many years and they had a daughter who is grown and gone. Shelley helped Julie with USAC business for the longest time.

Updated 7/10/17