George Rimmer

George and his faamily when they came over from England in 2002

George getting hustled by Ellen Ellis at the Chili Bowl

George surrounded by Wagtimers. Mike Clark, JD Cormack, Ellen Ellis, Leroy Bedingfield and Jim Thurman

George giving Leroy the business

George on the backstretch of Manzy

George at PIR

George getting an autograph from Ron $human

George with Dennis Matish

George and his son by an English "sprint car"

George clowning around the Chili Bowl

George with ???? in the Chili Bowl pits

George wandering

George having a great time

George at PIR

George is from England and I've seen him here in America watching sprint cars probably 7 or 8 times. He has been here more times than that as he loves American sprint cars and probably knows more about our history than I do. I know he has way more autographed photos than me by hindreds as my pitiful bunch is small because I never tried to make that a thing with me. George has overcome some health problems, some job problems and the high cost of gas in England to go racing as much as he does. He's welcome here at my place anytime as well as man others aas he's fun to be with when he comes to America.

Created on 05/31/17