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Don "The" Barber

Don with his CRA hat on

Don with Baylands Frank and Wags at his Art's Barber Shop. He's been there 40 plus years and never changed the name

Don with Mad Man Mike and Wags at Manzy

Don with Mad Man Mike at Knoxville

Don with Mad Man Mike at Agnes trailer behind the main grandstands at Knoxville

Don and Wags in Indiana

Don with his El Camino

Don with his granddaughter

Don and Baylands Frank outside his barber shop

Don with Was and Flo Mosser of Indy where we spent the night on one trip with her and her husband Carl

Don and Wags with Larry and Myra Jolly at Tuscon Speedway in 1991

Don at Dick Fry's feed at Calistoga

Don wandering the Chili Bowl

Don with Bill Merian

Don with John

Don with Trucker Frank and John

Don in front of his barber shop with Wags, Mrs Wags and Joe Ellis

Don the Barber and an old friend

Don at lunch somewhere

Don with Mrs Wags in Greenville, Ohio

Don with the Wags

Don at Wagsland

Don with Bob, once a Manzy to Ascot bus trip planner

Don with Kim Lafond and Wags

Don and Mike Clark

The Catholic church across from the barber shop

Don and the Wags at Perris

Don and his two new daughters

Don and Suitcase at the Chili Bowl

Chili Bowl crowd of Suitcase, Trucker Frank, John, Baylands Frank and Don

Don at Manzy

Don and Trucker Frank at Grandview in PA

Don with Wags at Ventura

Don and I have been friends since he parked his fanny in front of me at Ascot so many years ago in the early 80's. We have traveled together many times to go racing. I have stayed at his house many times over the years and we still enjoy getting together and watching races.

Updated 7/9//17