Gene Tussing

Gene with his wife Nancy, Mrs Wags and Larry Jolly

Gene cooking hot dogs at Bakersfield

Gene feeding Mrs Wags

Gene and Nancy at Bakersfield

Gene cooking at Ascot

Gene with CRA President Frank Lewis and announcer Chris Holt

Gene and Larry Jolly

Gene cooking at Bakersfield

Gene still cooking

Gene was intrumental in helping get the Wagtimes started He was there when we met to start a fan club and on our first event. The first was the 1989 Don Peabody season closer where we collected $660 and sold the first Wagtimes t-shirts that Gene financed for me. This was at the first official wagtimes Mrs Was chili feed. After his wife passed away he took off for parts unknown and we only saw him once after that.

updated 7/9/17