Steve and Kim Lafond

Steve, Kim and Korie

Kim and Wags

Steve, Korie and Chucko

Steve and Mrs Wags

Steve on the move at Ventura


Steve with his 1st hard charger award

Kim and Korie

Steve with photo collage

The Lafonds and Mrs Wags

Steve serving cake

Steve, Kim and Korie

Steve at Perris

Steve and Kim at Santa Maria

Kim and Mrs Wags

Steve and Kim

Kim with Wags behind her

Steve with Gregg Gallant

Steve with Wags and Bogan

Steve with a Bud girl

Steve, Kim and Korie

Steve and family at Wagsdash

Steve and Rodney Argo


Bud Man?

Steve relaxing at the Wagsdash

Steve, Kim and Korie

Steve, Kim and Korie


Steve with his Ventura colors on

Kim, Korie and Stephan

Family foto

Steve after receiving a journalism award

Steve and Mike clark

Steve and Jim Fargo

Steve concentrating

Steve, Kim and Korie at Calistoga


Steve with Rickie Gaunt and Wags

Steve and Korie

Steve and Korie

Steve with a new tatoo

Steve with Charles Davis Jr and Wags

Steve, Kim and Korie

Steve and Kim at the wine bar

Steve and Kim almost sneaky hats

Steve at work

Steve and Kim

Steve at Santa Maria hanging over the track

Steve at Bakersfield drags

Steve and Kim with Wags

Steve searching for the right spot

Steve with Bob Ream

Steve with KO

Steve and Joy Paulson

Steve at the auction

Kim and Krista

Steve and Joe Godoy

Steve and Dead Ringer

Steve and Mrs Wags

Steve with "Coach" at the PAS

Steve with Neil Cavanah

Steve and Wags

Steve with Tom Schmeh and Wags

The Lafond cuties

Steve smiling

Steve collecting $$$$$$$$$

Steve and Korie

Steve, Korie and a cutie

The End!

Steve is many things. He is a band member, a race photographer, a dog lover, a sports lover and much more. Steve and Kim came rolling over to talk to me at the first Wags event back at Ascot and never left. They ate Chili, bought a Wagtimes T-shirt and there began a longtime love for what we do. Steve came up with the Hard Charger award in 1992 where we gave $200 to Harlan Willis. Last year Austin Williams received $1033.77 and a specially labeled handle of Crown Royal. This year (2017) Steve is retiring from shooting races and the last hard charger award will be special. Steve has been there from the beginning of wagtimes and continues to be committed, or should be, to the cause. All things change and I hope the future is still bright. Thanks for all you do!

Created 05/31/17