The Wagtimers on display at various fun times.

Updated 09/18/13

Longtime EMT Ron Shipley

Jack Kraemer and his sister

Wagsdash with Wagtimers

wags- steve Lafond and Mrs Wags

My son Kevin with the Wags

Wags and Steve Lafond at Skagit

Shartlesville PA hotel with tour diners

Steve Ostling winner of 1992 Wagsdash

Kim Lafond and Wags at Skagit

The Wags and Pat and Norm

Dennis and Co;;ette Stewart at SVRA Banquet

Hard charger of Wagsdash Casey Shuman with Steve and Wags

Chris Holt with Wags and Gary Howard the hard charger of 1993

wagsdash 92 at Manzanita

Steve Koltar (right) at Susquehanna in PA

Wagsdash 95

Wags and the Sleeze Kevin Eckart

The wagtimers at Grandma's in Greenville, Ohio back in the early 90's

George Rimmer trying to get a pic to take back to England

George is on another walk thru the shopping area.

Englishman George Rimmer shopping around

Wagsdash trophy 2007

Wagsdash trophy 2008

Fran and Julie up to stuff

Lois and Dave

Steve Lafond


Chucko on the move

Father and Daughter Korie and Steve

Same lost pair

Fran showing off

Lee Anne up to the wine tasting stuff

Pat lost in wine heaven

Doug and Pggy with Mrs Wags

Chucko and the Wags

The sour sisters kari and Tracey

The barber with Kim and Wags

Wags wonderful working girls Krista and Mallory did a super job on 50/50 ticket sales.

Hey, it's Mrs Wags come to a race!

Fran Herdrich smiles while Ellen Ellis sells Danny a calendar.

Pat and Lee Ann Normoyle fuss about the camera.

Then they drag Mrs Wags into it.

My son Kevin and Mike Clark.

Leroy getting his ear bent by George Rimmer from England.

JD Cormack and the Wags.

Mallory and Krista

Pat, Lee Anne and Kari

Terry and Sonia

Terry and Steve


Another wagsdash trophy by Trophy Dave!

Cat and Jack

Pat and Lee Anne

Mark hrasher

Joy Paulson

Terry and Pat

Terry and Joy

Dennis and Colette Stewart

Stephen and Fran

Marilyn, Terry, Darleen and Fran

Terry and Darleen

Big Steve and Maggie

Mike and Evelyn

Fran and Jim

Joy Paulson

Darleen and Stubby


Doug and Wags

Braden and Bethany

Danny and Bethany

Bob, Darleen, Sonia, Wags and Tina

Carey Davis

Joe and Ellen

Jerry hudson and a wife to be named later, it's been too long.

Sonia and Wags

Wagtimes trophy from Trophy Dave

Mark and Ben

Julie and Mike

Mike and the hat





Don't those two look like sisters?

George, Mike, JD, Ellen, Leroy and Jim.

OK, lets pose right.

Leroy to left, Wags to right and Jim Thurman in the middle.

George Rimmer, our friend from England, was in the house!

Don "The" Barber struts around the pits.

Gerry the hot dog cooker

John and Kari

Mrs Wags zooming in on something

Kim and Krista making fun

Stubby and Darleen relax

Mark Thrasher

Tracy and Kari up to stuff.

Mike Clark

Stubby Dils

Mrs Wags, Doug and Peggy Allan

Joe and Ellen


Krista and Ashley

Krista, Ashley and Dylan

Jim and Fran

Jim and Marilyn

Kari, Tracy and Gerry

Darleen and Stubby

David, Krista and Kari

Stubby and Darleen

Jim and Marilyn

Lois Ward

Joe and Ellen

Steve and Kim

Jim and Fran

The Wags

John and Sonia

David, Krista and Dylan

The crowd is full of Wagtimers!

Wags in his funny hat with Bethany Thrasher. The hat isn't the same as normal because one of my dogs got my good one about two hours before my flight to Tulsa and, you guessed it, it was a tug of war! This one was all I had.

Our Taximan, Mike clark did such a good job ferrying the airport arrivals!

Fran and Jim Herdrich looking festive.

Jeff McSpadden and three of his kids came to the races this week.

Family portrait of Krista, David and son Dylan.

I liked that shirt. Maybe it was the eagles or just the red, white and blue.

Ellen Ellis and George Rimmer (the famous English sprint car fan and Wagtimer)

Don "The" Barber and Mike Clark visit.

John and Sonia.

Jim and Fran

Krista and Alicia

Pat & Lee Ann

Mike Clark reads the paper.

Mark and Bethany Thrasher. Bethany is teaching young kids and going to college, quite a challenge.

John, Don “THE” Barber and Trucker Frank make the flight down from Petaluma a fun one.

Mark Thrasher and Doris Clark generally discuss Jeremy Sherman’s progress on the track. They are all thee related, so it’s a family thing.

Ray Vodden, left, and Don Read pose happily in the pits.

Ronnie Case finally gets his Wagsdash trophy.

Mike Clark and Julie Shiosaki in the camping area.

Frank, Carl and Mike hang out having a few beers.

Ashley comes to visit Wags.

Mike Clark, Trucker Frank and one time t-shirt king Bill Marion.

Don and Goog.

John and Maria Gardner of LaVilla Mexican Restaurant fame.

Tony Jones with my girls.

Mrs Wags has a few laughs with Steve Ostling and Steve Lafond.

Wags and Julie caught in the shade of the mule.

Pat and Lee Ann Normoyle were there, but we never got to talk to them. She seems choked up when I spotted them?

Jim Fargo, noted photograper , and Marilyn Griffith in the pits together again. Jim recently bought a restored 1970 Triumph Bonnville to pay with.

Tina Dils looking to by a race car?

Go Tina!

Steve and Kim Lafond

A picture from Grandma's in Ohio backin the day.

Leroy and Marie Sweeney

Mike Clark with Toots and Jack Kramer

Julie, Lois and Wags

Pat and Lee Anne

Mike Clark

The Thrashers Mark, Ben and Behany.

Joe I Ellen and the Wags at Manzy

Fran & Charlie Davis with the Wags

Mark and bethany

The Venard ladies who watch so intently are Linda and Grandma Rosie.

The Wagtimes section includes Mike and Evelyn Clark, Joe & Ellen Ellis, Sonia Bandy and Tracey Johnson in inset.

Another shot.

Norm Joins us with the eagle award we received.

What are these little devils up to?

The Mule has company in Terri Bliss.

The days combatants, er the cooks and helpers, were Ok to pose here.

The Wags and Bogan.

Jim and Marilyn cheesin’ it up.

Braden Wasson and Bethany Thrasher were in charge of the ingredient mixing. With 5 pots to cook, there were five bags of spices.

Marilyn Griffith and Mark Thrasher get the stirring routine as the chili begins to take shape.

Tracey and Gerry Johnson are in the grandstands where I don’t go anymore. Alas, I’ll be back. She is Sonia Bandy’s daughter and he’s the guy she married. They will be working the Wagsdash again this year.

Look honey what I got you for your birthday! Julie and Randy Shiosaki discussing her birthday that was two days prior to the race.

Mrs Wags missed the group photo but got caught later.

The weekend for us started early as we had an opportunity to have dinner on Friday night with some Wagtimers that has become tradition with the trips over here. Jim Fargo, famous photographer who until recently had been the Manzy shooter, is making a sweeping change of his life. He is selling out and moving to Denver! He already has a home there and is looking to unload his Phoenix hacienda and settle where his son lives near cooler Denver. This all should take place in the next few months, but first the packing up and organizing of all his good stuff is next.

Joe is the support better half of Ellen Ellis. Whatever she wants, he seems to make happen or just smile as her dynamo routine is on full force all the time.

The same group met for lunch at the Native New Yorker with three additions. Marv and Sherri Cable and Mark Thrasher were added to the fun as we chowed down on some chicken wings and other stuff.

My favorite steak place in Tempe is the Texas Roadhouse. On Friday night it is a ZOO trying to get in there to eat. Ellen got us reservations, and still it took at least 20 minutes to get seated. The food is really outstanding, and the hot rolls mouth watering, but the gang was a little grumpy from the unreal parking problem and crowded waiting. It was fun as Jim Herdrich, Ben Thrasher, Wags, Fran Herdrick, Bethany Thrasher, Braden Wasson, Marlyn and Jim Fargo (his new girlfriend) and Joe and Ellen pose outside the Roadhouse after dinner.

Jim Fargo and new friend Marilyn enjoyed the feed with us.

Jim and Fran Herdrich out for dinner with the Wagtimers.

Julie Shiosaki visits with Wags in the afternoon. She was in trouble for holding out on secrets from me.

A rare Wagtimes lunch was a lot like usual as the Kruser and his daughter Casie, plus Keith Murray and “Chuckie” all acting like it was the old days having fun before a Ventura race. The only thing missing was going to Harlan’s shop before lunch like we use to.

Three generations of Bandy people with Sonia, daughter Kari and granddaughter Krista. They are working hard on the Wagsdash and we are off and running. Anyone wanting to help, please call Wags or Mrs Wags at 949-472-9247.

I don’t know what Ellen Ellis is doing with this leprechaun, but she seems to know him.

Harold and Alice Hubbs managed to find us in the grandstands to say hello! We go
way back with Harold and Alice, long before Wagtimes even existed, we sat by each other at Ascot. Time and
busy lives kept us from seeing each other often, but it was sure good to see their smiling faces on this night!

One of our earliest Wagtimers, DJ Everett, traveled from his home in North Carolina to see this race. Brother-in-law,
Johnny, filled in for his sister Monica, who didn't make the trip West this time. We missed you Monica!

People came from miles away for this event, and Jeff and Cindy Kohler, two very enthusiastic non-wing fans from
Pennsylvania, planned their vacation around the Oval Nationals.

Jim & Jan Fargo made the trip to the Wagsdash. They have big smiles for us here.

Jim and Fran Herdrich having fun with us.

Darleen and Tina "the Darlin' Dils" made another Wagsdash. They sure know how to have fun!

Joe & Ellen Ellis at the thing they love best, being with racing friends.

Leroy and marie Sweeney seem to like the mo jo potatoes at the pizza feed.

My hippie friend, Steve Lafond, joins the Wags at dinner.

Pat & Norm Bogan at peace with the world.

Mike & Evelyn Clark at the feed!

Judy and Stephen Pettegrew together at the Wagsdash XII.

Here is Wags and his gals, Ellen, Sherry, Julie and Tina.

Judy Pettegrew and Darleen Dils serving chili at Mrs Wags Chili Feed 2002.

Steve Lafond and Jim Fargo the two official Wagtimes Photographers who always make me proud.

Joy Pauson and Sherry Spencer at the pizza place before the Wagsdash XII.

Sonia, Fran and Jim sit behind Willie in the fourth turn grandstands, - and the view isn't bad, either!

Terri, Julie and Fran are stylin' in their new purple Wagtimes shirts!

Don the Barber, left, and Trucker Frank at Grandview. I guess this is proof they bypassed the Knoxville parade and came to a race.

Jennifer Perry came from Bakersfield to see her favorite SCRA stars. She brought a friend with her, Charlie Louden,
who drives for the Golden State Challenge series in the "X" car. When not racing, Charlie is a student at Princeton University!

Moving over to the other side of the track, Willie and Sonia Bandy were in their places with smiling faces!

Bill took over the camera to take a shot of Mr. And Mrs. Wags celebrating the birthdays.

Mike Clark had a rare Saturday night off work and was able to help Wags get over the 60 mark!

Leroy Sweeney was on hand in son Verne's pit. He spends a few moments with SCRA official, Tom Mize.

Fran, Julie and mom, Joyce, visit in John Scott's pit.

A similar shot of two very happy, young people, Brain and nicol Venard at their marriage.

But, nobody had as much fun as Grandma Rosie!!! (Could be this picture was a set up! Honestly,
she only emptied half of those bottles!) It was a beautiful wedding, a joyous occasion, and our wish is that Brian and Nicol
will have a lifetime of love and happiness, and many sprint car wins!

And the happy parents of the groom, Buster and Linda!

Diane Keck and Marty Meler are dear friends of the Venard family, as well as sponsors on Brian's car.

Wags and Mrs. Wags are having a great time, too!

Longtime Wagtimer, Hal Mathews, came out for a racing fix and brought with him his son-in-law, Stan White.
Good to see you Hal, and nice to meet you, Stan!

It was a special treat to see Betty Sauer and also Kenzo Okubo - both of whom have had their share of physical
problems that have kept them from going racing. Hopefully, that's all behind them and we'll see lots of them
the rest of the season!

Wagtimers, Willie Bandy and his lovely wife Sonia, were a wonderful addition to the Wagtimer's group this weekend.
Willie, who has been dealing with the rigors of chemo, was enthralled to hear the music of the motors and the
smell of methanol for the first time this season!

Willie Bandy posing and getting ready to do heaven only knows what?

George Rimmer has come to America from his home in England many times for sprint car racing,
but for the first time, we got to meet his family, wife Susan and sons, Stewart and Kieran. We enjoyed a great visit
while taking them on a tour of Dana Point and Laguna Beach on Sunday.

Wagtimer Norm Bogan visits with another Wagtimer, Carey Davis, who was enjoying his first day of "retirement!"
Carey is one of those few who "did it right," and got off the hook early so he can pursue his many hobbies!
Tickled pink for you, Carey! You deserve it!

Another longtime Wagtimer "Big Steve" Kimmel visits with "The Sleaze" Kevin Eckert,
who sports a "new do!" What, no curls peeking out beneath his cap? Looks good, Kevin!

On the "other side of the track," Wagtimers Mike Clark and Jim Herdrich visit in the Manzy midway!

Randy and Julie Shiosaki pose with Wags in the John Scott pit, where Randy is a crew member.

The Trasher family, Ben, Bethany and dad, Mark, came over to watch their favorite relative, Jeremy Sherman,
race. The pictorial of the opening racing of the season ends here as this photographer's ability to see ends here!
Contact lenses and dust is not a good combination, and watching any racing was nearly impossible this time out,
let alone taking any more pictures.

Mike Clark, left, and Don Zabel are among the Wagtimer's on tour at the Chili Bowl.

LT Works reappeared at the Chili Bowl after us not seeing him for, oh maybe 3 years!

Evelyn Pratt, left, and Wilda Kindoll model Gilmore hats!

Bobby and Wendy Michnowicz were in the Don Weaver "Gilmore booth" working during the afternoon.

Jim Van Natta poses here with a car he once actually drove and crewed on. It belongs to Ken Hillberg now.

Mike & Evelyn Clark in the Ventura grandstands. Not too cold, eh?

Wags and Charlie are friends? Is this a peek at my future?

Lealand & Janet McSpadden enjoy a Wagtimes night on the Tempe town. Norm and Wags listen intently.

Jim Herdrich and Fran Miller next to Willie Bandy at Perris in the windy grandstands.

Cat & Jack Alger are big SCRA and Rip fans. They always enjoy the races.

Pat & Norm Bogan drinking it up at the SCRAFAN.COM party.

Lisa McBroom and Joe Coppi posing for fun. Lisa is a crewmember of the Moose racing Team.

Sonia Bandy at work in the Wagtimes booth at Perris.

Grandma Rosie shares time with Wags at Santa Maria. She is the very popular Venard family Grandma.

Ellen Ellis and Sherry Spencer together for dinner.

Steve, Kim and Korie Lafond at the night before the big one.

Fran Miller and Norm Bogan at the Cold Stone Creamery. Anyone ever been there?

Krista Bandy, Willie & Sonia's granddaughter having fun with polka dots.

Julie Tanaka and Terri Bliss, "the cookie queens", having their way at the Wagsdash.

Our grandson Tory trying to eat chili and sell cookies.

Great picture of Michael Smith, left, Bethany Thrasher and Chris Fischer peeking from behind.

The celebration breakfast after the successful 10th annual Wagsdash.

Willie & Sonia Bandy having fun in the stands, like it's supposed to be!

Mike Clark wears his Texas baseball cap while Jack Kraemer has on his Gasman gear. Trucker Frank Mazoli is to the left.

Terri Bliss and Julie Tanaka looking for 50/50 money in the Perris pits. Is that another Tony Stewart bear?

The Wagtimers group on the main straightaway at Perris for the annual Wagtimes awards.

Don Read and Ray Vodden yuk it up in the Irwindale grandstands on Turkey Night.

Darleen Dils having a great time here!

Jim and Jan Fargo at Ventura sharing the view.

Joy Paulson, Casey Shuman and Joe Ellis at the Wagsdash 2001.

Bobby & Wendy Michnowicz with their two boys Kevin and Darrell.

DJ & Monica Everett with her brother The PAS.

Terri Bliss and Julie Shiosaki are the little devils at the Wagsdash 2001.

Lois & Dave Ward are SCRA workers of the finest kind!

Tina Dils and "baseball coach" Tom show up as the only Wagtimer's in house this week. They live in Reno now. She was a push truck driver at Ascot.