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Happy Holidays to one and all!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone as we get ready for the annual present marathon that dominates the end of each year. With 11 grandkids it will be that and more, even though I won’t be lucky enough to see all them, I can imagine Christmas morning and the little ones eyes glistening in delight over the annual “most funnest” day for kids. Here’s hoping your “St Nick” puts your presents of importance under your tree. I doubt Mrs Wags can make a full size Corvette appear for me, but whatever I get will make me happy. So here’s a little Fairytale for you.

Twas the night before Xmas and all thru the house… no, that’s not the one! Maybe it is once upon a time there were three wise men in the land, give or take a few, and they decided what was best for all….. No, let me start over again. In the beginning, there was the King who was there to take care of all the needs so everyone would be happy. That is why Robin Hood came along wasn’t it? Maybe all was well when the Queen of England took over and the peasants paid the taxes that didn’t leave them enough to live on. That’s not the end of this story, as a big tea party ended that and sent them scurrying to a far off land! No, that can’t be it, now where was I. Maybe the modern version goes something like this: and the peasants elected a president to lead them in making everything right in the world. That worked pretty good, until the next political change, and where are we now? And, more to the point, where is our racing locally? I don’t know, but it’s no secret all is not well in SCRAland if you read the message board.

If you are a car owner, a driver or other “very involved” SCRA member, you already know more than me and will do what’s right for you. If you are a fan, you can only hope all is well when the season starts and then you can make a difference. You can plan to support the racing you love by going more often and taking people with you. The big flack in whatever is happening with our racing here on the West coast is money. Depending on which side you are on, or who your source is, it’s either too much or not enough. Supply and demand can create strange bedfellows, so beware what you wish for, Santa may grant it.

With so much to do in Southern California, ie. Beach activities, skiing activities, kids sports, movies, concerts, major league sports, and many other racing venues, how do fans decide on where to spend their entertainment dollar, and how can we narrow that choice and get them out to our racing? Good question and maybe Santa will have that answer, and so much more about our future, very soon! We need creative help here Santa, don’t let the fans down. Don’t take away their racing, or worse, split it up! As I wait for the other shoe to fall, I wonder who is coming down the chimney? Is it Santa or who? I can’t wait for opening day!

Well, if you have been keeping track, I am at 42 basketball games right now and just gathering momentum. It is a good time for holiday magic and I am enjoying the time with my two grandsons, Christopher and Tory, who will be with us for the next two weeks. Boys love basketball and we will do some of that. Oh yes, where was I? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!

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