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Only Tony Stewart had won the USAC triple crown in one season, until now. J J Yeley, with Stewartís help, has also accomplished that difficult task of winning the USAC Sprint, Midget and Silver Crown championships and now will move on to do the big pavement speedway stuff in the future. He also set a new single season record with 24 victories and broke a 4 way tie at 19 victories, while doing it. The latest to do it was Jay Drake. J J has been in the fast lane ever since Dave Waltermath and his ABC Sand & Rock money sent him to Indiana with full backing several years ago. He rode that sponsorship to the Stewart deal that went one year and now is on his way to Joe Gibbs money and who knows where he will end up.

J J was first seen by me in a midget and when the SCRA started business, he and Cory Kruseman were the hottest rookies coming along together in quite a while. Both won respect and many victories, but J J was the first to break from the SCRA family and move on to bigger and better things, including a ride at the Indy 500 where he finished in the top ten in spite of an early spin. J J is very talented and now his biggest test is ahead of him.

A lot of senseless flak on the message board this past week about who did and didnít take on tires. Gee, maybe the world will stop and everyone can get things fixed the way they want them. And the point? Oh yeah, I am beginning to understand the mindset, because they can. Some are never happy, or itís never the right guy, or maybe bashing is the way to get attention. A good young driver just had the most exciting thing ever happen to him when he beat all the heroes, and now letís see if it is OK with everyone. Why 2nd guess and go on and on about something that is in the record books. Get over it, itís a done deal, congratulate the winner and get on to 2004!

December 14 will bring the 3rd annual swap meet at Ventura Raceway. All cars and parts are welcome or anything that races. Vendor spots are $50, general admission $5 and parking will be $5. It all starts at 9 am at Seaside Park. Call 805-985-5433 or 805-649-1243 for more info or click here.

I missed the Turkey night deal again, pavement you know, but I am sure it was what it was. Perhaps some day it will return to the dirt where it belongs, or maybe not. I spent my Thanksgiving time in Vegas watching grandkid baseball and the winter break is on, or B Ball here I come!!!!

FINAL 2003 SCRA Point Standings.
1. Richard 2152, 2. Damion Gardner 2055, 3. Troy Rutherford 2040, 4. Rip Williams 1730, 5. Mike Spencer 1314, 6. Steve Ostling 1292, 7. Tony Jones 1226, 8. Rickie Gaunt 1116, 9. Mike English 1082, 10. Josh Ford 1070, 11. Cory Kruseman 1061, 12. Levi Jones 1048, 13. Adam Mitchell 889, 14, Alan Ballard 845, 15. Charles Davis, Jr 759, 16. Seth Wilson 628, 17. Verne Sweeney 602, 18. Brian Venard 597, 19. J.J. Yeley 592, 20. Mike Kirby 558.

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