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Februry 15, 2010

By Ken Wagner

I spent this past Saturday at Victorville watching 4 teams practice with 6 cars. The short 2-1/2 hour ride was worth the bother as hearing those big motors fire sez it all. The Kittle Motorsports Krew had two cars, the Moose Racing Team had 2 cars, with Mad Dog Shedarowich and Brody Roa having one each. They rented the track and had unending practice to make changes and check out the 2010 hardware. Dennis Howell came to help the Kittles and Chad Kendrick, a crewman on the Greg Bragg driven Moosemobile got in some wheel time as they worked on their two cars.

A playday at Victorville with the Kittle Motorsaports Krew, plus Moose Racing team, Mad Dog Shedarowich and Broady Roa. Click here to check it out.

The track was in good shape when they started, but mother nature shining so bright down on us limited the tacky laps and gave them all a track more like they will see at Tucson and the slick track at Las Vegas. The Kittle Krew would send Danny Sheridan out to run some hard laps, then write it down and make some changes and do it again. The other three teams did the same thing.

Mad dog had a small problem with his motor early, but their motor man popped over and soon it was running strong. Matthew has new colors on his car this year and a new sponsor so the black with red flame look is gone.

As for Brody Roa he and dad Brett had themselves a new 360 powered stinger that he took his first laps in and he looked at home all afternoon. He quickly went to speed and got in a ton of practice in. Look for him to show well at Ventura this year.

A little burger and hot dog feed got the small pit crowd fed at they continued until the 4 o’clock end time. After Danny was done Brian and Gary Kittle got in some laps, then so did crewman Chad and Jimbo. The smile on their faces was priceless as neither had ever been behind the wheel before, even though they had thrashed for several years as worker bee’s on Danny’s cars.

Promoter Mike Gibson did all the pushing of the cars and even though there was no racing, all the cars got in plenty of laps during the fun outing. Don’t kid yourself though, they were all here to make sure they were ready to rock and roll in Tucson next week.

I won’t make the trip to Tucson due to Mrs Wags not ready to be alone yet, but I’ll greet everyone at the sandy Las Vegas track and then Perris on the following Saturday. Too bad as I was looking forward to it.

Start thinking about Wagsbucks for the low buck racers and the 2010 Wagsdash at Ventura Raceway on September 25th!

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