Matt Pecharich

Matt and Brenda at dinner

Matt and Brenda

Brenda at Knoxville in her 14K jewelry booth

Sometimes you can't explain it, but when the pain is too much, you often can't accept a loss. Losing Matt Pecharich is both shocking and sad to me. I have known Matt and his wife Brenda for a long time. I have been with them on many occasions and shared the fun his life was. I knew him in the work world, I knew him in his private life and I knew him in racing.

I can still see the smile and the easy attitude that he had with people. I can still see the tall man who liked everyone and especially his racing. He had his favorite drivers and was animated in his stories about the racing he had seen. Always willing to help anyone, his presence will be missed by all who knew him. He loved life, his wife and his family and will be missed.

Rest in peace Matt, we will all miss you.

Updated 7/16/17