Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey checks it out

Mark Spivey works on Rickie Gaunts car.

Mark with Wendy Michnowicz

Mark at a party

Mark in the trailer

Mark in the pits

Mark working on the race car

Mark in the pits

Mark with some antique midgets at Ventura

Mark working on the car

Mark not at work

Mark on # 66

Mark Spivey was a big part of the pits for me. He never let me pass without a smile and a handshake. His demeaner was always about what was new with me. He had a sparkle in his eye that will be what I remember when I think about him as time goes by. Mark's son was the best thing that ever happened to him, next to Marcie of course, but he loved his son.

When the Wagsdash approached, I could always count on him putting J Hicks name in my head. He was relentless in making sure Hicks got in. Most of the time it worked and he worked hard on the car always to make it go faster. He will be remembered by many in our racing world.

The end was too quick and even though he fought the hardest battle of his life, the cancer took him from us. Rest in peace Mark, we will not forget.

Updated 7/16/17