Judy Pettegrew

Judy and Stephen

Judy with Wags, She got that hat in our auction

Judy in 96

Judy with Evelyn Clark at Wagsland

Judy working at the track

Judy with Stephen at Wags auction

Judy in her new hat

Judy doing what she did best, keeping track of the money

Judy on her computer

Judy with a balloon?

Judy and Stephen in the Wags booth

Judy with Darleen serving chili

Judy and Stephen

Judy with Sonia and Pat

Judy and Stephen

Judy and Willie

Judy and Stephan

Judy and Marilyn

Judy, Stephen and Mrs Wags

Judy and Stephen

Judy, Stephen and Mrs Wags

Judy Pettigrew is gone. Another loss for the Wagtimers. It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Judy Pettegrew, who along with her husband Stephen, were an integral part of the Wagtimes' group for several years. She passed away from leukemia. Judy and Terry worked together for ten years at Furon Company, in Laguna Niguel, and from the first time Judy and Stephen attended a sprint car race, they were hooked. They have been sorely missed in the grandstands and at the Wagsdash for the past few years though, because after leaving Furon, Judy's next job required a lot of travel, which kept them from going racing very often. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Stephen. May you rest in peace, Judy. You will be missed.

Updated 7/15/17