Jack Kraemer

Photo by Frank Uhl

Jack Kramer and sister Helen.

Mike Clark with Toots and Jack Kramer

Jack at wags 50th B Day Party

Jack at the party

Jack and Wags

Jack and Toots

Jack with Bud Burchell

Jack, Mike Clark, and Wags ( she is a reporter?)

Jack, Mike, Wags and Jack's brother

Jack, Mickey Dale and Wags

Jack, Trucker Frank and Mike Clark

Jack's place at Terre Haute

Jack with Toots and Mike

Jack with Toots and my son Kevin

Toots in all her glory at the Chili Bowl

Jack and His sister who lived in California not far from us and he liked to go visit her on some of his racing trips

Jack at Bakersfield at my 50th B Day party

To remember Jack Kraemer you first have to think sprint car racing and the joy he got out of that. His home in Hutsonville, Il (Hooterville as many called it), was a resting place for many as they visited the Indiana race scene. His favorite eateries sported chicken livers, Tenderloins, frog legs, an under $1.50 breakfast and fresh hamburgers created out back of an old restaurant I would defy you to find, and you had to know where it was.

Jack loved his sprint car racing and would travel in his old trusty van all around Indiana to see his favorite driver’s week-end after week-end from his Adams family styled home. Having made that annual Sprint Week trip many times with him and Mike Clark, and yes his dog Fred too before he passed away, I can recall some good times on the road back there. Jack would give you the shirt off is back if need be and he cherished his friends wherever he went. Many who gathered together at Terre Haute "the Action Track", the closest track to his home, every time there was a race there. He brought food and beer and knew everyone wherever he went. His trips to California were to go racing and see his sister.

There are many old stories from my time with Jack, but I guess seeing him in a Wagtimes t-shirt made me the happiest. He never let me forget about his version of USAC and my hopes for better days on the coast. He had such joy in his racing, he couldn’t wait for the next race. The first time I stayed at his huge home in the heat of the summer, he put a special air-conditioner in my room upstairs. It was so cold the first night, I had to wear my clothes, as he forgot blankets and I didn't want to wake him up!

Jack always said “what do you think, Wags?” everytime I saw him. I will remember him and his ways from now on. Rest in peace Jack, you have escaped this world for a better one.

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