Cecil Griswold

Cecil with John Habbick and Kim Lafond

Cecil and Mel Allen

I remember getting to know Cecil at Ascot in the 70's. He came every race to sit on the top row and watch his favorite sport. He "owned" that seat, and often told those younger legs that beat him to it, to move on! Cecil sometimes came with his daughter, Carol, and son in law, Jerry, but mostly he was there every week alone as the eighties rolled on. He became a Wagtimer and proudly wore the original Wagtimes t-shirt until he moved to Texas just a few years ago. I gave him a new one, but he preferred the oldie.

Cecil didn't miss any Wagsdash events or chili feeds. He was at the original one at Ascot before Wagtimes even started. He faithfully read the newsletter and often called to verify a race was still on when Ascot closed, and we all traveled for a while. Cecil retired way back in the 80's somewhere, I can't remember, and didn't miss many races. When his wife became ill, he took her to Texas for treatment. When she died, he moved there to be near his oldest daughter, Karen Barnum. He sent me all his Wagtimes t-shirts, plus a few others, when it was obvious he wasn't going racing anymore. He emailed me from Texas after the newsletter ended, and was excited to see Wagtimes in color.

I received the following note from his daughter that deeply moved me, and I would like to share it with you:
"it is always nice to know that we have been a positive impact on someone else's life. That is the reason for this note. For years he looked forward to the Wagtimes and we have been downloading them for him since you went "Internet". He read every word. The "he" was my father, Cecil Griswold, who died on August 23, 2000. Your effort to write and picture the events in racing brought him a lot of joy. For this I thank you."
Karen Barnum

I know many of you will remember him by the picture here. He hasn't been racing in California for a few years. He was serious about his racing. To Cecil, the best sprint car fan, I will miss you. Rest in peace.

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