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Bud & Helen Burchell

Bud and Wags at a Wagsland party

Bud and Helen in wags Disneyland


Bud and Helen at Wagsdash VII

Bud and Helen at a chili feed Wagsdash IV

Bud and Helen at CRA banqueet with Hal Matthews in the background

Bud with Stan Cook and Evelyn Pratt

Helen with Hal Matthews wife

Bud and Helen dressed warm

Helen and Sonia Duffy

Bud Burchell, born in Minden ,Nebraska in 1918, came to the West Coast to find work as a young man. He met Helen and they began a lifetime commitment to each other. They were married in 1941, and after two years in the military, Bud became a machine shop owner for many years. His love of racing goes way back and he and Helen attended many kinds of racing over the years Their son, Gary, is married to Andy Morales sister, so a Tamale Wagon connection came long ago. They raised two sons and a daughter, who produced many grandchildren and even great grandchildren, so their linage is long. Sons, Chuck & Gary, and daughter Carol, have provided plenty of joy for them. Gary is a retired Air Force pilot and Chuck retired from the Navy after bing the Captain of the Navy Cruiser U.S.S. Vincennes. One of the highlights of Bud's life was a trip from Hawaii to San Diego on that ship. Bud set on the bridge with his son all the way home.

Bud was a volunteer worker for many years at the hospital he passed away in. He worked many hours there, always helping others. It was his "thing" and Helen let him have it. He had such a following of friends from the hospital, that over 30 of those pink outfitted "girls" were at his funeral. He was serious about his work there and passed up the copper World finali and the delayed SCRA race in February last year, because he had to be back at work on Monday. That Saturday night SCRA race won by Kevin Doty would be the last race he saw.

Bud & Helen have been a big part of our Wagtimes group for many years and were a joy to be around. Their late night after race ice cream snacks made me jealous. The happy way they lived the racing life makes me hope that Terry and I can follow in their footsteps, together, down the road of life. Their joy will be a reminder to us, even more so, from now on.

Those of us who knew Bud can best remember him by emulating his fine qualities. I can't believe he won't be there at the track each race. Rest in peace Bud, you will be with us at the races, always!

Note: Helen has taken over Bud's volunteer job at the hospital to keep busy. She hasn't returned to racing yet, stating simply that she can't go without him. Our hope is that she will join us in the future, because she still keeps up to date on the racing and misses it.

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