Baylands Frank

Baylands with Model Car Randy

Baylands with Don "The" Barber


Baylands old hot rod

Baylands Frank at the Barbers house

Wags with Baylands Frank's hot rod

Baylands Frank was one of the Petaluma Posse from the 80's and beyond from my days at Baylands Raceway. I met Frank up there at the top of the grandstands and he was full of life and always building or working on something. He spent his last years in Grass Valley living in a small trailer, but still road the fast road bikes and lived life to the fullest. I remember him for that impish smile, the words of respect for racers, the ability to fit in anywhere and his zest for life. He didn't like his job much, but after retirement he was good to go. He will be missed by all who knew him, but mostly me because he always had something good for me whenever we met.

Updated 7/11/17