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Wags and racing friends


Me helping the Cap doc screen Wagtimes t-shirts

By the Knoxville showers I used many times while I camped there at the Nationals

At Ascot and the first Waagtimes banner

At Ventura folding t-shirts while we cook chili

Wags chili feed is fun

Wags under an umbrella


Wags dressed to have fun

Camping in the desert days when we used to ride bikes befroe Wagtimes

A business trip in New Orleans

A long haired hippy

A birthday at the Ellis Hacienda

A trip on Southwest

Me and Dusty

The first Wagsdash at Bakersfield

Motel reading while waiting to go to the track

I don't remember the setting

In the Skagit grandstands

Kim Craft sprinter

Motel reading. Note the first Wagsdash t-shirt on the window

No telling

The funny hat reversed is red with white polka dots, imagine!

Messing with Wagsbucks

1992 Wagsdash ready to happen at Manzy

My birthday party at Bakersfield

Caught in the Manzy grandstands

A banquet award for Wagsbucks

It's Manzy and it's HOT!

the Wagtimes banner up at Bakersfield


Wags at rest

Wags in the Bakersfied party Area off tuen four

Wags with an auction item

Wags overwhelmed by receiving the Bagley award, my most treasured award in Wagtimes history

Wags in purple

Wags grading papers

Wags in formal wear

Wags with his favorite pig

Posing with my man of the soil poster

With Mrs wags quilt for raffle

My birthday baloon at the El Paso restaurant

what a day

Chico before they opened

My Bakersfield Suprise 50th B Day party

A detirmined looking Wags eating chili

Looks like happy days


Grading Wagsland quiz

And you thought I was normal?

It's about counting the Wagsbucks

I asked the drivers to take a pie in the face and it raised a lot of money. Then they thought I should try it. I was sticky until a shower at the hotel later

Leaning in for an interview

Hello, dats you?

Sharing a table at the races

Wags in the top row at Putnamville

was that Evelyn's bullhorn?

Wags lost by a t-shirt booth

Wags introducing Rodney Argo?

Wags filling Wags envelopes

Wags with a smile

Wags contemplating

wags with a cake and a wife at the Ellis Hacienda

Wags saying WHAT?

Wags at the races

Wags at an old museum in Phoenix with a Chevy dragster

Wags saying something important at the Wagsdash

Wags looking devious

All I remember is if you take the slide down to the basement you get ice cream or was it booze

A birthday at Ed Devebic's in Phoenix

In the early wagsdash days at Ventura, before I got my own Mule, Jim Naylor would decorate one of his for me

Ascot day at Ventura

An old build it yourself computer desk that folded up closed like a piece of furniture. It was so cheep it didn't take long before it was in the dumpster. Pressboard breaks!

Verne Sweeney's car had a Wagtimes logo on the hood. I loved it!

This is the big version of the Bagley Award. It was neat to see my name on it!

Wags in red

A head shot

The famous Wagtimes hooded Sweatshirt

This was in Indy where a lot of racers came to play as we took over the place and J J Yeley perfected his slide jobs on me

Before we started I know what was coming so I buckled in tight

From the days when we took our dogs to the Ellis Hacienda for race days. Dubya, Dusty and Scooter liked road trips.

I loved my Mule. Loved taking pics in the PAS infield

Uh huh

My friend Fred loaned this little electric scooter to me at the Chili Bowl the last few years I wen

Wags talking at the Cronies night before the Wagsdash feed

Wags in pink?

Wags saying "listen here"

Golf observer at the Wagtimes Golf Tournement

Wags looking official

Money heh heh heh

Wags selling tickets to the quilt auction

Wags walking the dogs

Wags in the press box at Irwindale for the Turkey night pavement event

Here is Baylands Frank's hot rod 32 ford with a flathead. He is gone, may he rest in peace, but he had a bunch of hot rods and fast bikes

I was Honorary Sexiest at one of the sexy driver contests?

Wags funky new hat

Wags and Beezer at Santa Maria

A crusty old guy

A 4th of july happy

Nice shirt


My UCLA Bruins hat

My 60th B Day cake

Me and Dubya in the motorhome relaxing

My new hat

Oh my what?

Me and Dubya with Adam Mitchell's car

Another great shirt

My electromobile

This is what use to happen the morning after a Wagsdash. Load it all up and go home

I love the old supers. This Don edmunds creation was one of the prettiest. I got a chance to get in it for a moment. I could imagine the thing running!!

I'm dressed for fireworks

My wiener does tricks

Relaxing with my drink of choice for so man years Dr Pepper

Me and my dogs putting down the polka dot seat savers for the Wagtimers. I did it for years

Me at work

I'm usually too busy to eat at the Wagsdash. But not today

The devil made me do it

In New York with my grandsn Hunter as he plays in a big tournement

I took a lot of pics on that trip

Don't get excited, while I traveled with the Kittle Krew all those years, I had no assignments, just hang and take a few pics

The Mule was always in good shape, thanks to Jimbo and Paul Dean who did maintenance and fixing projects. Unfortunately, they couldn't fix a flat tire. So I had to take the flat to a nearby tire store, just once on all the years I owned that ride

Me and the boys hard at work

This picture appeared in the Los Angeles Times when they did a story on the Wagsdash when we moved it to Ventura

Me in a relaxed state

Sitting bull

Hi I'm here


Nice day

Me and Dusty

Me and the boys working

A happy guy

Created 4/17/18