The Wags and racing friends

At Ascot 1989

At Ascot

At home with an award for John Redican # 55

At a Don Weaver Legends event

At dinner


At the Wagsdash

In the grandstands

Just lookin'

In a grandstands

Off racing

On a Cadillac trip back East

Putting candles on a cake

At a cookout in PA

A trophy at Bakersfield given us for our collecting Wagsbucks

At Bakersfield with Terry sleeping and Tory on the left

At Manzy


At Manzy

At a banquet

At a race

At Joe Smith's planter

In the grandstands

She did it!

At Ellen's house


At a mexican restaurant in El Centro 1994

On a dinner cruise

At a food court

At Bakersfield

At the Ellis Hacienda

Off racing

At a banquet

At a banquet

AT Bakersfield party

Happy times

cooking at Susquehanna

At Terre Haute

At Bakersfield


She can't wear the hat

Another banquet


CRA picnic

Our trophy 1995

Terry gets flowers

A sunny day

Another banquet and polka dot time

At Ventura

At terry's 50th

A Wags party on MV

The Wags

Wags in white jackets in 1994

The Wags at Perris

The first Wagsdash at Ventura

Wags on the mike

With Tory photobombing

1998 still the one!

Filing the Wagsbucks

She's in my favorite shirt

I'm sleepy?

At Winchester single seating

At Bakersfield

We must be happy

We at Bakersfield

Cronies maybe

Farmer Boys burger joint on the way to Perris

In the PAS pits

Must have been something I said

A happy time at a CRA banquet

Survivors of the "Cowboy Stuff"

At the In-N-Out burger place

In yellow Wagswear

At Cold Stone Creamery

At Wagsland

At ease

At Knoxville Hall of Fame and "our" Brick


At the Cracker Barrel somewhere back East

1999 Wagsdash

The Mule was the best

Big smiles in 2003

Flames are HOT!

Terry's polka dots

At Wagsland part850y 2003

I'm thinking Cronies

And she picked me!

2002 Wagsdash

We are standing on a truck in the Ventura infield watching the Wagsdash 2002 with Grandson Tory

At the 2002 Wagsdash

At a Wagsfeed

Look at the Trophy Jarrett chaney got in 2001

Maybe Indiana?

Somebody's happy watching the Wagsdash from the infield

SCRA Banquet

Kevin needs a beard

Another beautiful trophy from Trophy Dave


At home together

2006 Wagsdash

In our Big Dog Dash shirts

The 2010 version of the Wags

Shopping at Smart and Final for Wagsdash chili feed goodies

The last Wagsdash at Ventura

The Wags at Danny Sheridan's wedding

At the old Yankee stadium in 2007

At the Wags workers breakfast after 2007 Wagsdash

Wags and Mrs Wags with a trophy of appreciation from the Wagtimers

The Wags caught smiling

It might have been a bar late after a race

Mickey was always with us in the Mule

A pair to draw to

The last time Mrs Wags was at Calistoga

By Richard Harvey's race car

A sweet smile for Mrs Wags

The Wagsdash Trophy in the Arizona Hall of Fame

My bride in smiles

At Ventura May 2016 Wagsfeed

The Wags at Santa Maria

Eating somewhere

At Ventura

Wags visiting in las Vegas

At the Pastrami place in Phoenix

In blue

In front of a Mimi's Cafe restaurant

Dining at the Arizona Museum

At Hanford

At that Perris steakhouse that finally closed

were using the former Wagsmobile that Jim Naylor now owns. Not Mickey still hanging under the top

Our Washington DC trip

More fun together

Looks like dinner at weavers Legends event

Las Vegas cool racing, I mean cold

At Tulare with Dubya and Dusty

Different emotions

At Wagsland event

Xmas at Missie's

A happy couple

At dinner

Nighty night

Ascot 1989

Ascot with Tory 30 years ago

AT Ellis Hacienda with me showing how I trained Dusty to sing

with Mike Clark in AZ

At the Wagsdash

Created 4/15/18