Tom Schmeh




Tom speaks at Perris pit meeting

Tom still talking to the racers a t the PAS


Tom a happy camper

Tom with Jim Naylor

Tom with Jim Naylor

Tom in Tommy Hinnershitz Garage at the Eastern Motor Racing Museum

Tom with Paul Bagley

Tom and Jim Naylor

Tom with Walt James

Tom presenting another award

Tom doing something important

Tom with Kevin Gobrect

Tom with Fred Brownfield

Tom with Bob Weikert

Tom with Wags

Tom with Al Hamilton

Tom with Wags

Tom with Biker Bruce at the Wagsdash

Tom with wags at Perris

Tom with Chris Holt

Tom responding to Chris

Tom with a couple of fans

Tom with Steve Lafond and Wags

Tom Presenting and award

Tom with Jerry Richert Sr and Jr

Tom with John redican, winner Rick Goudy and Gary G Howard at the Wagsdash when the Legends of Ascot raced ford pintos!

Tom with Steve Kinser and a few others

Tom with Paul and Helen Bagley

Tom, in the beard at the 1982 Daytona 500 with family

Tom with Don Long

Tom with Steve Walsh and Bob and Dorotha Trostle

Tom with the Bob Trostle collection

Tom with an antique race car

Tom with Phil Poor at the Knoxville Museum

A forward by Tom

Tom is one of the nicest guys in the universe. I still cherish the time I spent with him over the years. I first met him in Knoxville and we talked about the new Hall of Fame he was working on. He showed me the stuff he had gathered in an old empty building near the fairgrounds and asked for some help on Ascot stuff. He and the people who put that thing together were magnificent and he played a large part in it's success. Over the years we were together often as I traveled back to Knoxville for a lot of years. Later, I quit the yearly trip because of my love for the non wing stuff, and I was there because the CRA was running nearby, and I would take in the first night of the Nationals. I would work in the museum during the day, then go up to the viewing level when the race started and after the heats, he would smile, shake my hand and send me on my way to the next race. Like many of my friends in racing, I miss him and hope we cross paths again in the future. He was very ill recently, but came back to health and moved back to his home in New York where he grew up. Keep on posting Tom, your history in racing is nice to watch unfold on facebook.

Updated 3/18/8