Stan Atherton

Stan with Chris Holt and a trophy girl or pole dancer

Stan at the Weaver Legends event

Stan with Bubby Jones

Stan with Bubby

Stan and the little red sucker

Stan in winners circle

Stan with trophy girls

Stan and the trophy girls

Stan and a trophy

This could be Stan at an early age

Stan with Dean Thompson

Stan with some girls

Stan with Jim and Sandra Bartosh

Stan and his rides

Stan in # 77

# 391

# 391

# 391

# 11 Pratt's car

Stan with Eddie Wirth, Billy Boat and Rip Williams

Stan in # 391 Super K car

# 77

# 77 with Billy Boat after him

Stan chasing Mike Sweeney and Gary Howard

Stan won 3 CRA main events

Updated 11/6/17