Sonny Nutter









Sonny and two ladies

Sonny and Steve Evans

Sonny having a party

Sonny and a pretty lady named Chelsa

Sonny and Ron Rea

Sonny and a lady and a happy birthday

Sonny with Vicki James

Sonny interviewed

Sonny partying

Sonny with his likeness and a blond

Sonny and Sammy Tanner and Van Leeuwen

Sonny and some ladies partying

Sonnny still having a party

Sonny pointing

Sonny still going strong

Sony with Ron Rea and that looks like Lore Fritchie

Sonny's 70th book

Sonny's t-shirt

Sonny in his ride

# 93

# 93

# 19

# 93

# 93

# 93 inside Bob Meli

Sonny inside Billy Van Meter at Ascot

Sonny chases another rookie

Sonny leading here

Sonny outside Mike Sweeney

Sonny leads Dave stoltz in 1980

Sonny climbing on the back of Tommy White in the Ascot Super Midgets in August of 1980

Sonny after a crash at Ascot. Look how the cage broke apart

Sonny a bike and a lady

Sonny after a win

Sonny getting a bike lesson

Sonny on a bike

Sonny on a speedway bike

Sonny with a bike

Sonny on a steet bike

Sonny and a speedway bike

Sonny with a group and a bike

Sonny far right on a speedway bike

Sonny in the middle behind the rider at Sidney Australia in 1972

Sonny peeking around the USA Team

Sonny far left of the USA Team


Sonny inside Bill Cody

Sonny ahead of Bobby Schwartz

Sonny on the right

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