Ron "California Cowboy" Rea

Ron with Don Weaver

Ron visiting

Ron with Braad Noffsinger

Ron with Parnelli Jones

Ron with stan Atherton and Jimmy Oskie

Ron with Jay Agajanian

Ron with Dennis Rea, Sonny Nutter and Lori Wright

Ron with JC Agajanian and the trophy girl in 1977


California Cowboy Ron


Ron, left next to Jay with Buster Venard, Dean Thompson and Gary Howard as the initial members of the Crager 19 second Club

Ron and a pretty lady

Ron with the trophy girl

Ron helping a girl into his car

Ron coming very close to photographers right on the edge of the track at 1972 El Centro Fair

Ron crashed this two week old car and destroyed it, but he was OK

# 7

# 27 at El Centro in 1977. it was a Faas owned car

# 7 shrike owned by Gardner Motorsports

Ron at Manzy in early 70's

Ron with Jimmy Oskie, Damion Gardner, Mike Sweeney and Dyuane Feduska

Ron leading the field at El Centro 1968

Manzy Mag featured Ron

Ron watches as Billy Shuman runs over a rear wheel ahead of him

Ron leading David Fairm Bob Meli, Max Sweeney and John Redican in 1977

There's always an oops

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