Rick Goudy

Rick with Bruce Flanders

Rick with Chris Cumberworth reunited after 40 years

Rick with Jimmy Oskie and Brad Noffsinger

Rick in the Santa maria pits

Rick buckling in the Pinto

Rick getting teased

Rick won the Pinto bomber race against the leagends in attendance, John Redican, Gary G Howard and Tom Schmeh joined him

Rick in winners circle


Another winners circle

Rick with Alex

Rick and Wags

Rick with Buster Venard and steve Howard


Rick, second from right, with Wally Pankratz, Sonny Nutter and a few more

Rick with Jimmy Oskie and Dean Thompson

Rick with JC Agajanian

Rick with Alex Morales and Ray Sheetz

Rick's rides

Rich and Billy Shuman

# 4

Rick and # 1

Rick in # 4

Rick revisiting his old ride

# 1

# 2

# 1

# 2 Rick and Jimmy Oskie mix it up

Updated 11/20/17