Updated 7/28/20

Mike Sweeney

Ellen Ellis's shots of Mike


Mike with Ellen's autographed copy




Mike with the Tamale Wagon

Mike with the 3DB car

Mike in the # 15 Ford car

Mike in # 4

Now on to mike's other pics




Mike at Perris

Mike on a bike


Mike at work



Mike and dad Max


Mike working on helmet

Mike with his daughter Cayenne

Mike with Verne and his son

Mike with Steve Ostling

Mike and Valorie Sokola

Mike and J C Agajanian Jr

Mike and mom Sally Hogle

Mike and mom Sally Hogle

Mike and son Troy

Mike and Troy at Calistoga

Mike and son Max

Mike and his sweetheart

Mike with Tyler Hatzikiam

Mike and Chris Pratt

Mike at the races

Mike and Lance Nichols

Mike and Rick Santa Maria

Mike and Rick Santa Maria

Mike and Rick Santa Maria in Laguna Beach at the Greeter's corner. The Greeter has been gone a long time!

Mike and Rick Santa Maria surfin'

Mike and Victor Perez

Mike and Victor Perez working on a movie

Mike at Ventura raceway

Mike at a charity event

Mike with Ed Carpenter Racing

Mike helping the lady down

Mike and son Max

Mike and his family

Mike with Valerie Sokola at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival

Mike with J C Agajanian

Mike with Rick Santa Maria

Mike and friends

Mike and more friends

Mike with crew

Mike with Redican, Oskie and Ostling

Mike and crew again

Mike with Patty, Sally and Susie

Mike in the winners circle with the gals

Mike with a trophy and the girl

Mike with another trophy

Mike with a cutie and a trophy

Mike and trophy girl Leslie Bremmer

Mike and a trophy girl

Mike and Family with an old Bromme play toy

Mike with cousin Verne Sweeney, Jac and Sheldon Haudenschild and son Troy

Mike and Troy with some ladies

Mike and sister Patty and Rick Sanyta Maria

Mike with wife, son Troy, Mom Sally and step dad Bob Hogle

Mike with his gang

Mike and his gang at the beach

Surf's up

Mike in the Moosehead pits

Mike in Perris pits with Jimmy Oskie and Damion Gardner

Mike surrounded in the pits by many dignitaries in sprint car racing. Oskie, Noffsinger, Gurney, Carson and many more

THe last Ascot class of 1990

Fampus shot at Ascot Verne & Mike Sweeney, Leonard Lee, Dennis Roodriguez, Ripper, Brad Noffsinger, Sid Blandford, Rickie Gaunt, Jerry Meyer, Kim Craft, Bubby Jones, Bob Meli, Don Tucker, John Redican, Waalt Kennedy, Cary Faas, Ron $human, Bill Von Helmolt, Tom Downing a a fewmore I can remember! What a powerful group

Mike with Alex Morales crew

Mike with the Tamalie Wagon crew

Mike with one more Morales crew

Mike with the Joe Kasperoff crew

Mike in his seat

Mike in his car

Mike poses

# 5 Pratt car

Mike in the DSD car

Mike with his car

Mike with Bob and June Lewis sprinter

Mike with DSD car


Mike at Ascot with the DSD car

Mike with the Super K car

# 4

Mike with # 7

Mike with # 71

Mike with Super K car

Mike posing with the Super K car

Mike in the car with Andy Morales

Mike in the car with Bob Hogle

Mike in his ride

Mike in another ride

Mike and a trophy girl

Mike wins another

Mike gets another one

ike gets another award

Mike's fan card

Mike in a program

Ascot program

Ascot program

Ascot program

Mike's rides

# 01 at Ascot

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 5

# 5

# 5

# 5

# 7

# 9

# 91

# 91

# 94

# 5 Super K

# 10 in the Bob Trostle car in Australia

# 21

# 21 in 1981 at Chula Vista

# 69

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 77

# 77 sal Acosta

# 77

# 98

# 91

# 94

# 6 - Mike won this race

# 21 on the inside of Sonny Nutter

# 21 inside Dean Thompson

# 98 against his dad Max # 16

# 71

# 21 against Bubby Jones

Mike chasing Scotty Burns

# 4 and 91

Mike # 21 with Billy Allen outside

Mike # 29 with Mike Spencer

Mike behind Don Hawley and Dean Thompson

Mike # 5 with Jimmy Oskie

# # 94 leading Ripper in the Tamalie Wagon 1981 Ascot

Mike leading

Mike inside

Mike insisde

Mike inside STeve Kinser

Mike has 33 CRA victories and is tied with Eddie Wirth for 16th all time. He was a hard charger and retired when his eyes became a problem. He was always good to fans and thankful for his success.