Julie Shiosaki

Julie with Halie

Julie with Terri Bliss

Julie and Wags

Julie at the races

Julie at Wagsland

Julie and Fran

Julie and Mike Clark

Julie and Wags

Julie with Terri Bliss and Wags

Julie and Fran

Julie at a Wagsdash

Julie with Mike Clark

Julie with Lois Ward and Wags

Julie with 18th annual Wagsdash winner Austin Mero

JUlie with Laurie Sertich at Perris

Julie with a Mickey and Minnie cake topper

Julie with Wags

Julie and Danny Sheridan

Julie the Birdlady

Julie with Karie Kruseman and Alex Gregoreas

Julie and Wags

Julie and Shelley Ostling

Julie and Shelley

Julie brought cookies to Santa Maria

Julie with Greg Staab

Halie found a playmate

You tell me?

Julie and Carol Wolfe

Julie's got necklaces, watch out it's part time!

Julie catching a ride with Wags

Julie and Sheley

Julie with Karen, a onetime Wagsdash Trophy Queen

Julie with Terri Bliss and Wags

The little devils of Wagsdash days

Julie wandering around

Julie and Shelley

Julie and Wags

Julie and Fran with a cake

Halie wanting some cake

The dynamic "duo"

Julie and fran with a cake

Julie with My dogs Dusty and Dubya at Tulare

Julie, Terri and Bobby Cody

Julie and Fran with My 60th B Day cake

Julie and Shelley

Randy and Shelley


Julie and Randy with Ron Capps

Julie with a project

Haley left alone at the Wagsdash

Julie and Terri selling tickets

Juie and Kacie at the Kittle trailer

Julie with Shelley and Wags in the mule

Julie with gregg Stabb

Julie and Mrs Wags at Perris

Julie coming out of the USAC trailer

Julie walking Haley

Julie at Santa Maria


Julie and Nellie

Julie with Shelley and brother Michael

Julie and Twerri

Julie with Shelley and Sylvia

Julie with Evelyn and Terri Bliss

Julie and Wags

Julie and Fran

Julie and Fran in the cookie booth

Julie with Wags

Julie with Terri Bliss and Wags

Julie and terri

Julie and Wags

Julie a long time ago sitting in the grandstands with the Wagtimers

Julie with Steve Lafond and Wags

Julie with Dan Hillberg and Wags

Julie with Fran and Julie at the Wagsdash

Julie interviewed by Wags at her bake salke

Julie and Marie Sweeney

Julie with Marie Sweeney, Little John and Hal Matthews at Wagsland

Julie with Stan and Marilyn at Wagsland

Julie with Terri and Wags

Julie walking Calistoga

JUlie at Danny's wedding

Julie and Wags

Julie has been a good friend of the Wagsdash and all things Wagtimes for years as she started the cookie sale and Sexy driver fundraisers as well as made racing Collages for the auction. She had great ideas and worked hard for us. She is also a good friend, but moving to North Carolina doesn't allow much visiting anymore. She works for USAC and has the best interest of the CRA boys at the races.

Updated 8/25/17