R.I.P. Glenn Howard

Glenn looking over the wags shirt. You don't know what it took for him to wear it at the racetrack!

Glenn in the trailer

Glenn at rest

Glenn at the Legends of Ascot

Memorial sticker for Glenn


Glenn with an orange?

Glenn at work

Glenn receiving an award

Glenn getting an award

Glenn and Wags negotiating?

Glenn and Ken Kazarian

Glenn and his wife Pat

Glenn and Wags

Glenn and Pat

Glenn and Pat

Glenn with David Sinsley

Glenn in his trailer

Glenn with son Steve

Glenn with Pat about the time SCRA was born

Glenn listening to my excuse

Glenn explaining my mistake

Glenn and Steve

Glenn and Steve

Glenn getting the trailer set up for business

Glenn with Jimmy Oskie

Glen with son Steve and Chris Holt

Glenn and Pat

Glenn with Pat and Hila Sweet

Glenn and Steve with Dennis Stewart

Glenn and Pat getting an award

Glenn with Ripper, Billy Wilkerson and Ray Stansberry

A car Glenn built in his shop way back when

Glenn was a hard working man who owned a racing parts store. His trailer was at the races for many years and was taken over by his son Steve until he recently passed away. Glenn led the breakaway from the CRA movement in 1994. He never forgave me for staying with Frank Lewis and the CRA, but eventually he allowed me to continue the Wags stuff. Like me he had Prostate cancer, but unlike me, he ignored it and payed for it by leaving us too early. He had a strong will and fought for what he thought was right. He is missed.

Updated 6/6/18

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