Gary Tanaka

Gary at work, again

Gary coming out of the trailer





Gary and Bruce bromme Jr

Gary working

Gary with Eric Kaufman

Gary at a Wagsdash

Bruce Jr with Gary Tanaka

Gary with Carl

Gary and Mrs Wags

Gary with Wags

Gary and his son

Gary and Ernie Ballard

Gary and his wife

Gary working


Gary with Bruce

Damion with Nelson Stewart and Gary Tanaka

Gary with Jeff Stich

Richard and the crew at Santa Maria

Gary was in a lot of victory circle pics over the years

Gary in victory circle with Damion

Gary in victory circle with Mike Spencer

Gary at CRA banquet with Spencers crew

Gary with the Gasman

Richard and the crew

Deano with the trophy girl

Dean getting congratulated

Dean after a 1980 CRA win

Dean with Bubby Jones on the podium

Deano with crew

Mike and his team

Mike doing the cage dance

Mike and crew celebrate championship

Mike with car owner Ron Chaffin

Mike celebrating after winning the 2012 Oval Nationals

Gary started out doing some street racing when he was young and ended up somehow working on the Bromme cars until Ron Chaffin came along with the red # 50 car. He has been relentless working all these years until Ron passed away and he retired from working on race cars. He is well liked and missed from racing.

Updated 6/6/18