R.I.P. Evelyn Pratt

Evelyn talking trash

Evelyn in 1991

Evelyn with her bullhorn

Evelyn and Wilda Kindall

Evelyn relaxing700

Evelyn having lunch

Evelyn at work

Evelyn in her ride in 1999

Evelyn with husband Bill

Evelyn in her dauschund t-shirt

Evelyn in her command post

Evelyn when she traeled with Glenn Crossno

Evelyn with Nelson Stewart

Evelyn on her way to straighten out someone

Evelyn and Wags

Evelyn on her scooter

Another shot

Evelyn woth Richard Watkins

Evelyn with Ray Stansberry

Evelyn with Mark Alexander

Evelyn and Wilda


Evelyn with wilda




Evelyn with Ray Sheetz

Evelyn with Chris Holt

Evelyn having Chili at a Wagsdash


Evelyn and Wilda ready to race?

Evelyn and Wilda


Evelyn with Chris Holt



Evelyn on the move

Evelyn shopping for cans

Evelyn with Don Read, Wilda and Chris Holt at the Wagsdash

Evelyn with wilda


Evelyn with R J Johnson

Evelyn with young Argo


Evelyn at Ventura

Evelyn at Perris

Evelyn with Wilda

Evelyn with her cute umbrella hat

Bill Pratt and Wilda Kindoll must be up to something the way Evelyn is keeping an eye on them.



Evelyn with Bill and Don Kazarian

Evelyn with Wilda Kindol and Wags

Evelyn with Doc Grffin


Evelyn had a very long history with racing as she and her Husband Bill had a wrecker and they worked the races. Before long she was an official and was the lady with a bullhorn until she retired. They owned the # 12 that Steve Ostling drove forever until Bill died. She was revered in her dedication and untiring ability to run the pits until she moved to Texas in the fall of her life. She received many awards that were well earned over the years, but always had racing on her mind. She will be missed in the CRA world forever.

Updated 9/21/17

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