Doug Allen

Doug ready to get that special shot


Doug's truck becomes a push truck when they need him

Doug sitting up on the scoreboard for those shots

Doug with his wife Peggy and Mrs Wags

Doug with infield announcer Ronnie Everhart

Doug in the pits shooting

Doug having lunch?

Doug with Fran Herdrich behind him

Doug and Mike Arthur, both looking for that perfect shot from the 2nd turn track entry area

Doug enjoying the day

Doug walking to the K-rail for more shots

Is that a farmer at Yuma Speedway?

Doug checking out something

Doug doing me

Doug with Bobby and Wendy Michnowicz

Doug with the Wags

Doug on point

Doug with Racing for Jesus Reverend Joe

Doug with a few minutes to relax

Doug arrived early at Ventura

Doug at the ready

Doug at turn 3 doing qualifying

Doug's flak jacket is cool

Doug just got here

Doug in turn 2 at Perris

Doug with his wife Peggy

Doug with Chris Holt

Doug sneaking around Ventura




Doug shot even with a broken foot!


Doug up with the scoreboard at Perris

Doug with Ronnie Everhart and Mrs Wags

Doug with Don Weaver

Doug at the ready in turn 3

Doug at the concession stand

Doug has been a big help to me over the years aharing his photos to put on my page, creating unique pictures for our auction and generally just being a friend. He loves working on old airplanes even though he is retired from the service. He is the Perris track photog and enjoys that a bunch.

Doug is a very dedicated person, from his rebuilding old war planes to his detailed racing photos. He has always been very helpful to me when I became confused with my camera, which seemed to jump up often in my shooting days. He helps everyone who needs it. When they are short of push trucks, he jumps in and goes to work. When I need pics, he sends them. During the Wagtimes auction days he would create framed pics with special cutouts and even signed photos. He is the Perris home photograher and if it happens there, he records it. DOug is a special man who looks for new ways to contribute.

Updated 7/4/17