Dean Mills

Dean and Kevin Eckert

Dean with his camera.

Dean doing his thing

Dean doing it again

Dean and Mickey Dale

Dean resting up for later

Dean with Shaun Buckley "Jack Slash"

Dean with Mickey Dale

Dean in the gold old days

Dean with a lady writer from the midwest

With his camera

Another shot of a shot

Dean tapes while Mike Truex talks with the Wags

Dean with Kevin Eckart and Jim Fargo

Dean taping Wags at Bakersfield in 1992

Dean at the feed

Dean with Wags probably preaching

Dean with steve Lafond

Dean and his family

Dean and Ronnie Gardner

Dean with Bryan Clauson

Dean and Mickey Dale

Dean and Mickey Dale

Dean with Tyler Courtney and Taylor Albert

Dean mills once sat next to me on the hill at Santa Maria starting his trade with an inexpensive camera. Now he is bigtime video guy traveling all over the land.

Updated 8/22/17