Dan Hillberg

Dan in his car

Dan and Rhonda with a man in a weird hat

In the winners circle


Dan and his crew

Dan and wife Rhonda

Dan and crazy crew

Dan working

Dan and crew

Dan with Okie

Dan with Mike Kirby, Tobey Sampson and Wags

Dan with Julie Shiosaki and Wags

Wife Rhonda with Krista and Mallory

Rhonda excited about the shiny tire award

Dan's rides

# 82

# 82

# 82

# 82 getting worked on

# 82

# 82

# 82

# 82

Dan in the seat

Dan buckled in

Rhonda seated on my mule?

Dan wandering the pits

Rhonda getting the shot

# 82

cool T-shirt graphic

Dan is a friendly racer, always has been. His father is famous for his garage full of unfinished restored cars. Dan loved to drive, so when he retired from sprints, he jumped into a Lightning sprint and has had a lot of fun racing and helping run the club.

updated 9/20/17