Damion "Demon" Gardner

Damion in a pit meeting

Damion sure earned it

Damion got a $20 bill from a fan

Damion strutting his stuff in the sexy driver deal

Damion urging the crowd on

Damion with Chris Holt

Damion thinking

Damion smiling

Damion sitting

Damion teasing Rickie Gaunt


Damion calm

Winner's hat?

An excited Damion

Damion early in the race day

Damion thinking about getting ready

Damion posing

Damion not posing

Damion came into the CRA like a LION!

Damion pondering

Damion watching tire work

Damion writing

Damion 2016 champion

Damion with fast time award

Damion in the sexy driver contest

Damion with his helmet

Damion with the Ovals trophy

Damion at Winchester

A few faces of Damion

Damion ready to go


Damion with a unique trophy

Damion with a drink after a win.


Damion on the track

Damion with Scott Sales sponsor

Damion and Wags

Damion and Vinnie

Damion with Pat Kehoe behind him

Damion and Krista

Damion and Tracy Hines having a conversation

Almost Sexiest driver

Damion and Vinnie Latner walking the pits

Damion interviewed by Chris Holt

Damion with Wags

Damion getting attention from Mike Truex

Damion and Vinnie talking strategy

Damion with Bruce Bromme Jr

Damion in the pit

Damion and David Cardey

Damion with Vinnie Latner

Damion with Wags

Damion abd Ryan Bernal

Damion and Ripper at Ventura in 2005

Damion and his mom Linda

Damion with Danny Faria Jr

Damion with the Dean Thompson award

Damion getting interviewed

Damion with Steve and Mark Alexander

Damion with friends

Damion with Nelson Stewart and Gary Tanaka

Damion with Dwight Chaney and Jim Blakesley

Damion with Mike Spencer and Bruce Bromme Jr

Damion chatting in the pits

Damion with Steve Alexander and some booty

Damion with the Lafond Jar of Change hard charger award with Steve Lafond and Wags

Damion with Mark and Steve Alexander

Too many flowers

Damion and car owner Pat Kehoe after chili Bowl win

Damion at pit meeting

Damion with the crew

Damion at Petaluma hanging with the grandstands crowd

Damion with Perris trophy girl Carley

Damion getting the USAC driver of the year award from Tom Schmeh thru me

Damion won the Chili Bowl!!!

Damion enjoyed this one

Damion happy

Damion on the victory stand

Damion won at Tri-State Speedway

Damion with flowers

Damion with Carley

Damion with Ron Chaffin and crew

Damion on Ovals podium

Damion on the podium with Carley

Another winner

The little red sucker crew after another win

Damion with Mike Arthur and Vinnie

Damion at Ventura win

Damion on another winning podium

Victory at Perris

Damion and crew on the podium


Damion Parked it!

Damion with a trophy and a beer

Damion wins again

Damion with Hooter girls

Damion with Ripper and the Gasman

Damion on the podium



Damion on podium with Richard and Danny

Another podium

Damion and the girls

Helmet and Oval trophy

Ovals check

Parked it!

Damion with trophy girls

Winner at Santa Maria

Damion at the Chili Bowl

Damion the 2017 CRA Sprint Car Champion

Damion wins Chico CRA with Jake Swanson and Tyler Courtney on the podium

Damion getting interviewed

Damion interviewed after receiving the Dean Thompson award

Damion on the Oval Nationals Podium with Chris Windom and Richard Vander Weerd

Damion wins at Perris again

Damion on the podium with Danny Sheridan and The Ripper

Damion parked it with the two yo8ngsters that are chasing him, Brody Roa and Jake Swanson!

Damion with Carly on th ePAS podium

Damion on a podium with the Pace car

Damion with Jon Stanbrough and Darron Clayton

Damion with Cody Williams and Geoff Ensign

Damion with a world size trophy

Damion with two trophies

Damion with his crew

Damion with the Fred Thomson trophy

Damion with Mike Kirby and the Ripper

Damion with Mike Kirby and the Ripper

Damion with Levi Jones and Mike Spencer

Somebody turned them lose with bottles of the bubbly

Damion with Chris Windom and Richard Vander Weerd

Damion with David Cardeu and Brad Sweet

Damion a winner again

Damion and Carly

Damion and Carly

Damion and the 2013 Champion Team

Damion in his silver car

Damion in his cage

Damion happy in # 50 car

Damion helmet on


Damion in the car

Damion in his car coming out

Damion honoring Pat Kehoe

Damion with his silver green car

Damion waiting to climb in


Damion had his car in the tire changing contest

# 71 at Calistoga

Damion's infamous helmet thrown in frustration at Ventura. The Wagsdash got $1000 at the auction for it. Rumor has it he got it back!

The helmet on the auction table

Damion and Ripper poster

T-shirt graphic

Damion's many rides

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4 at Santa Maria

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 4

# 6

# 20

# 20

# 20

# 20

# 20

# 20

# 20

# 24

# 45

# 45

# 50

# 50

# 50

# 50

# 50 at Ventura

# 50

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 71 trailer

# 71

# 71 wheels way up

# 71

# 71

# 71 at Calistoga

# 71

# 71

# 71

# 71

Speed Demon

Damion working

Damion in the Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Speed Demon

Speed Demon sprinter


At speed

Chute out



Damion unhooking his car from the wall

The end

Damion came to Perris the first time with winning on his mind. After a few races, he beat the top 3 CRA drivers in a trophy dash, and passed a couple in the effort. One of the strong drivers who he beat said "he can't do that for 30 laps, can he"? It turns out he sure could as he now has 86 CRA victories that include 3 Oval Nationals, 4 firecracker july 4th races, including a hat trick of one 30 lapper, two 40 lappers and a 50 lapper, probably the only one to ever do it! Add The Glenn Howard Memorial, 2 Salute to Indy's, a Sokola CLassic, The Don Flanders Classic and a Vermeil Classic as well. He won the Chili Bowl to put a capper on all these wins, so he is very successful and continues to be so to this day. All he needs is 20 more wins to take the all time lead from Dean Thompson's legendary career. Damion is focused on winning and spends all his time preparing to do that. In addtion he is the 6 time CRA champion! He also set the salt flat record for a sprint car at over 200 MPH.

Updated 9/20/17