Buster Venard

Buster signing autographs as the Wagsdash 2001 Grand Marshal

Buster at home in Nevada

Buster and wife Linda

Buster with his sons and Mrs Wags at Perrris

Buster with Steve and Brian

Linda and Wags

Grandma Rosie and Linda in the grandstands

Linda and Grandma Rosie with Brians wife Nicol

Buster with Brian in the pits

Buster and his boys

Buster and his boys

Grandma Rosie and Linda

Buster on the phone


Buster and his boys racing

The Venard pit at Manzy

The Venards in the grandstands

Linda and Grandma Rosie at Pomona I think

The Venards cheering section in the grandstands

uster with Linda and Grandma Rosie

The cars buster drove

Buster in the legends bomber race

Buster in his racing garage with the Mopar motor car

Buster still in garage

Buster with the Ellis car

Buster drove this Shoemaker overhead cam ford antique special

Buzz's car and crew

This is a picture of the Gas Chem when Buster drove it

# 47

Under the EZ UP

Buster and Wags

The Venards with the Dils and the Wags

Darleen and Buster

Buster and The Tooth Doc

Buster with Jeff Wahl and The Tooth doc

# 10

Buster with Marty and Brian

Buster at a Wagsland party

Buster with his car

Busters trophies

Buster with Linda and Grandma Rosie

Linda and Wags

The Venard house

Another shot

Wall of pics






Buster with Bruce Flanders and a hot blond

Buster with Ted Auto and another blondw

Buster and Brian

Buster Collage

Buster and Rick Goudy

Buster with Gary G Howard and Rick Goudy

Buster with Steve and Ed Justice from the Justice museum

Buster with # 4

Buster with the trophy girl

Buster with the trophy, a bit of bubbly and the girl

Buster with another winner

Buster with his son Steve

Buster with the Gardner gang

Buster with Steve

Buster and Steve

Buster by his ride

Buster and another platter

# 4 Gaschem car

# 2

# 4

# 2

# 1

# 47

# 29

# 29

# 96 Shrike

# 47

# 96

# 2 and # 7 Buster and Goudy

# 29

# 4

# 47

# 7

# 3 1/4 midget in 1957 at San Fernando

Looks like Buster with Oskie's crew

# 4

Buster in flight

# 4

# 71 Larry Howards midget

Buster didn't really run that long with CRA, but in his 3 best years, he won 13 CRA races including one Pacific Coast Nationals and a Peabody Classic. He was really tough and very inventive as he came up with little improvements that increased his performances. When he retired, he supported his sons racing until he moved up to Gardnerville, NV and remodeled that home where he still is tofay. I try to visit when I'm in the area and he's still fun to be with.

Updated 10/3/17