Bubby Jones

Bubby with his son Tony

Bubby with Dean Thompson and Wags

Bubby with brother in law Rip Williams

Bubby and Wags

Bubby with Rickie Gaunt

Bubby with Wags at Knoxville Nationals

Bubby with Ripper


Bubby with Bruce Bromme Sr

Bubby and his wife Patty at Knoxville Nationals walking behind the grandstands


Bubby with Davey and Tony and car owner Gene

Bubby and Ray Sheetz

Bubby with Billy wilkerson, Parnelli Jones adn Don Kazarian


Gas Chem

Bubby with Sokola

Gas Chem

Ripper and Bubby


Bubbby with Davey and Steve Lafond


Bubby and Lealand McSpadden

Bubby with Darleen Dils and Mrs Wags


Bubby with Mrs Wags

Bubby with Mrs Wags

Bubby having a drink

Bubby with The Wags

Bubby with another libation

Bubby and Wags

Bubby with Jimmy Oskie

'Ol Bub

Bubby with the Kazarians and Wags

Bubby with Deano and Wags

Bubby and Ray Sheetz

Bubby in Manzy pits

Bubby with the Modern Day Cowboy

Bubby in pits




Bubby getting chili from Kim Lafond

Bubby with ????

Bubby With Wags

Bubby autographing for the fans

Bubby was the 2000 Wagsdash Grand Marshal

Bubby with Tom Downing and Mike English

Bubby autographing an auction helmet

Bubby working hard

Bubby about to race in this bomber

Bubby tallking with Bruce Bromme Jr

Bubby with Ripper and Jack Jory

Bubby's hanging with Duke Cook at the Chili Bowl

Bubby with Tony and Ripper

Bubby working on the Modern Cowboy's car

Bubby and Son Davey working on Tony Stewart team car

Bubby with Rich Chesavage

Bubby with son Tony

Bubby with sons Tony and Davey

Bubby with Biggie Steve Watt

Bubby with the famous Gas Chem car

Bubby in the gas Chem car

Bubby with Gale Forester

Bubby at Perris

Bubby and Patty when he worked on John Scott's car

Bubby working

Bubby with son Davey


Bubby with Gary Howard and Eddie Wirth

Bubby and Tony

Bubby and the Gas Chem car

Bubby getting some love

Bubby visiting at Ascot

Bubby with Dean Thompson and Jeff Haywood

Bubby and Jan Opperman

Bubby with ????


Bubby on the low groove

Bubby with Ray Sheetz

Bubby with Ray Sheetz and Ripper at Ascot

Bubby with Parnelli Jones, Billy Wilkerson and Don Kazarian

Bubby with famous Ascot trophy girl Lesley Bremer

Bubby with Mrs Wags

Bubby with the Gas Chem crew

Bubby in the Bromme car

Bubby with Dean Thompson

Bubby with Ray Sheetz

Bubby in the Gas Chem car

Nice helmet, wish I had that one!

Bubby and Stan Atherton

Bubby with Stan Atherton and signing a helmet

Bubby's daughter Emmy

Davey's wife Michelle and son

Bubby with Keith Kunz

Bubby with Bruce Bromme Jr

Bubby and Bruce

Bubby caught having a bite

Bubby working

Bubby driving the Bromme car

Bubby in "the hat" he was famous for

Bubby driving this blue car

Bubby suiting up


Bubby relaxing

Bubby and Larry Henry in the early days

Bubby and the Gas Chem

Bubby at Ascot

Bubby with fans

Bubby with Ripper

Bubby with Dave Argabright and Bill Hill

Bubby's old t-shirt. Somewhere in my stash I have one


Bubby shaling hands

Bubby's Wagsdash photocard from his being the 2000 Grand Marshal

Bubby with sage words

Bubby with levi Jones and son Davey

Bubby at Ascot 1988

Another Bubby photocard

Bubby with son Tony

Bubby in the Kazarian car

Bubby at Ascot

Bubby in # 44

Bubby interviewed at Ascot

Bubby with Deano

Bubby getting a platter

and now Bubby driven cars

Larry and 'Ol Bub in the beginning

Bubby in the Alex Morales car

Bubby with Ripper and John Redican

Bubby in the Siroonian car

Bubby in the last car he drove

# 24

Bubby at Eldora

# 24

Bubby still racing

Bubby in Gas Chem car

Bubby always looked good in this pretty yellow car

Bubby in 1995

Gas Chem

The car on display a few years ago at Perris

# 41

Don't know

Another ???

Bubby at Indy

# 40

# 55

# 2 Gilbert car

# 2 Gilbert

# 49

# 49

The Dean and Bubby Show

Bubby in Gas Chem

Bubby on the gas! Those were the days!

Dale Frye's work

# 2 Gas che

# 1

# 1

# 1

# 2

# 1

# 2

# 2

# 66

# 5 Tamalie Wagon. Bubby won about 6 races in this car

# 24. Bubby led the CRA race at Eldora when he "fell out of the seat". He looked strong until he couldn't finish

# 24 Larry Henry owned the first car and this the last car Bubby drove

# 49

# 2 Bromme/Nance car

# 85

# 66

# 66

# 2

# 2

Bubby against his brother in law the Ripper

Bubby with Buster Venard to his right

Norman "Bubby" Jones is without a doubt a hall of famer and in my top 2 best drivers of all time, Lealand McSpadden being the other. Bubby won 2 CRA championships with 81 CRA victories and an unknown total of wins back East before he came to California. I tried to research his wins years ago talking with family and Larry Henry, but no one kept a list as he was barnstorming the country for years. He was very patient, to a point, as he moved to the front and occasionally a little tap let them know he wanted by. Watching the Dean and Bubby show was amazing, but his Ascot years were much of the same. Unlike today with fewer heroes, in his racing years there were a lot of heavy hitters racing against him, and he prevailed a lot! I only wish I could have seen him at Eldora as a young man as he said it was his favorite track for many years. Bubby's warmth gave me a great feeling as I knew I was talking with a giant in our racing, yet he gave me alot of his time and I still revel in those times with him.

Not being much of a collector of racing things because everything I collected went to make money for the low buck teams, so the time passed me by and I had very few things on my bucket list for me personally. Yet the three most desired items were always helmets from Bubby, his son Tony and Lealand. Tony made that happen for me last year thankfully, but I never even asked my two heroes, it wasn't the right time and now time has passed. But the memories I have of Bubby on the track are pretty well still planted in my memory, so I only need to sit back and roll the saved scenes, and I'm happy with that.

Updated 8/21/17