Brandon Thomson

Brandon with that smile

Brandon thought he just won the Wagsdash!

He still doesn't know, but the enthusiasm was awesome

Chris let him know and I know how dissappointed he was, but he thought he was running free in front of the pack. Alas he was but 3rd.

Brandon with Wags

Brandon thinking

Brandon with a lady friend

The things drivers have to put up with

Brandon interviewed still

Brandon at Santa Maria

Brandon's ride


# 91

# 36

# 19

# 36

# 91

# 92

Brandon is very excited to drive a sprint car. He used to come to the track with an 18 wheeler truck and unloaded by using a small crane. His smile was brilliant, especially after climbing out of his car. He won a $5000 VRA race once, so he had the skills, but never got enough sponsoship to get better equipment. He os a good person.

Updated 7/31/17