R.I.P. Bob Trostle

# 20

Bob in his shop

Bob's Museum Garage

Another look

Bob with Steve Kinser in the shop

Bob's bronze likeness

Again another view of his likeness



And the last one

Bob being interviewed

Bob with Doug Wolfgang

Bob with Shane Carson

Bob with Shane again

Tom Schmeh with his # 20 cars

Bob's cars

Bob's cars from the rear

Bob's cars and their drivers

Again more of the same

Bob built this # 20, too

Bob and Norm Wadle

The Trostle cars

# 20

# 20

# 20

Bob built chassis driven by doug Wolfgang and many other great drivers of his time. I stopped in his shop in Wichita one year while on a CRA tour and it was old looking, but he still built great cars. Later he moved into a new shop and it was amazingly different and cleaner

Updated 9/29/17