Blake Miller


Blake on his pit bike

Blake with shades

Blake in his Miller wear

Blake leaning on my Mule giving me what for

Blake with faces of fun

Blake with his usual pose

Blake posing reluctently



Blake at Perris

Blake with one of his many faces he had for me

Blake autographing an auction helmet P ALIGN”CENTER”>











Blake with the Wags getting his Wagsdash Champion Jacket

Blake intervie=ed for racing program

Blake with Gladys on his lap. Anyone else get that treatment?

Blake with Tony Jones

Blake with an old flame

Blake with a trophy

Blake with his constant "tuner" Ronnie Gardner

Blake with Jack Gardner and the Wagsdash trophy, of which he won two, 2005 and 2007

Blake beside Nadine's car with "THE" trophy

Blake with his good friend Ronnie Gardner

Again, those two together as they were as thick as thieves

It's a little fuzzy, this pic of Blake and Ronnie, so I must have been laughing

Blake with Jeff Gardner

Blake and Emmy, Bubby Jones daughter, after getting the shiney tire award

Blake with Krista and the Wagtimes shiny tire award

Blake and an old friend

Blake and Ronnie Gardner

Blake with Tyler Brown

Blake with Wiley

Blake with Tony Jones

Blake and Danny Sheridan

Blake with Danny Sheridan

Blake with his usual greeting

Blake with Austin Williams

Blake hanging

Blake with Nadine

Blake with Chet Gardner

Blake with Ronnie Gardner and Austin Williams

Blake with Matt Mitchell and jason York

Blake with Cody and Austin Williams

Blake with Shelley Ostling and Chris Holt

Blake at Santa Maria

Blake with Ronnie, Chet and Nadine Gardner

Blake with Jack Gardner Sr, Jim Gardner and Chet Gardner

Blake and a few others

Blake with Parnelli Jones and Wags

Blake with Parnelli after winning the Wagsdash

Blake with his winning scarf getting interviewed

Blake Miller at Norco Raceway

Blake getting ready to go racing

Blake buckled up

Blake in the lead

Norco 2005 champion Rob Ferguson with Jimmy, Blake, Rob, Chet and Ronnie

Blake with the trophy girls

2005 Wagsdash

2007 Wagsdash

Wags interviewing Blake

Blake with some cuties

Blake on the podium

Blake on the podium at the PAS

Blake wins 4th of july race

Blake wins again

Blake wins at Santa Maria

Blake posing with his Gardner ride

Blake introduced to the crowd

An excited Blake after winning a little race

Blake on the cage


Blake in the seat

Blake moving

Blake in # 93

Blake sneaking a peek

Blake unloading a car

Blake by his car

Blake with hia car s

And here's a few cars Blake drove

# 94

# 94

# 93

# 10

# 93

# 5

# 93

# 93

# 93 with Jack Sr

# 93

# 93 in the Santa Maria pits

Blake in the pits

4th of July race at Perris

A Gardner car

A blue one

Another view

A red one

The Gardner pit saw a lot of Blake. Too bad he retired!

# 5

# 5 Still going low

# 7

# 7 Blake in Priestley's car

# 7 great shot

# 7 Another

# 7 Blake roaring around the track

# 7 Blake on a pass

# 7

# 7

# 7

# 7

# 7 At Perris

# 7 Pretty car

# 7Wheel up!

# 7 Running the low groove

Blake in a Miller car

# 93

# 93

# 93

# 93 leading # 73

# 93

# 93

# 93

# 94

# 94 Pulling the wheels

Blake was very talented and won 6 CRA events in his short career. Some of his races he looked good enough to win, but things happened. He had a bad front stretch crash that surely affected him enough that it wasn't long before he was rumored to marry and move to Europe. He was a shining example of a race car driver, yet he was too young when he hung up his driving suit. We all missed him!

Updated 2/19/18