Updated 10/5/19

"Buffet Benny" Lancaster

Ben looking at a tire

Ben just bought a tire


Ben working on his car


Ben at Manzanita

Ben at work

Ben working on a tire

Ben with Julie's Mom

Ben with Harlan Willis

Ben with Jack Gardner

Ben with Charlie Watson

Ben with Ronnie Gardner

Ben with Wags

Ben with Ernie Ballard

Ben with Jim Ruth Jr in his trailer

Ben with Chet Gardner

Ben with hs ex

Ben with his driver Bobby Graham

Ben with Bobby Graham

Ben with Glenn Crossno

Ben with Steve Howard

Dave Darland after winning in Ben's car

# 14

# 14

# 14

# 14

Ben was a unique car owner with many different drivers over the years. Dave Darland won a CRA race at Manzy in his car. He built all his own chassis until the end of his career. He was very nice and fun to be around and it was sad when he folded the tent and left us.

Updated 2/13/18