Updated 9/11/19

Alan Ballard

Alan here at Ventura

Alan was being encouraged by Mrs Wags to get in the Sexy driver contest.

Alan standing on the cage after a Wagsdash win

Alan polishing his helmet

Ernie busy

Alan with Wagsbucks




Alan in the Ventura grandstands








Alan getting ready

Alan by his car

Alan posing


Alan a happy camper

Alan going for fuel

Ernie saying it was about time to go racing again

Alan performing at the Wagsdash sexy driver contest

Alan with his trophy

Alan and Ernie

Alan interviewed by Chris Holt at Ventura

Alan with Wags

Alan interviewed after Wagsdash win

Alan again enjoying the victory

Alan and Ernie with a big trophy


Alan with Glenn Crossno's dad

Alan with Ellen ellis

Alan with Ray Stansberry

Alan with Evelyn Pratt

Alan and Ernie

Ernie with Gary Tanaka

Alan with the Wags and that big trophy

Alan with Karen, a former Wagsdash trophy queen!

Alan doing his thing for the Sexy driver contest

Alan seems to have won!

Alan and mystery girl

Alan interviewed after winning the Wagsdash

Ernie and Josh Ford

Ernie and Harlan willis

Ernie getting a snack

Ernie and Alan working on the car

Alan and his mom

Alan and Ernie

Ernie and Ben Lancaster

Alan with Rick Becker

Alan posing

Alan with dad and Wags

Alan with dad and mom

Alan with Mrs Wags and Narci

Alan with Ripper and Evelyn

Alan with Kevin Kierce and Thomson

Alan with J Hicks and Jordan Hermansader

Alan with Jordan Hermansader and J Hicks

Alan with Kevin Keirce and Brandon Thomson

Alan with Kevin Kierce and Brandon Thomson

Alan getting the Hard Charger Award from Steve Lafond

Alan and Ernie talking with official Russell Bliss

Alan with Steve Ostling

Alan's car getting inspected?

Alan and Ernie visiting

Alan with Ernie and crew

Alan with the Wagtimers

Alan and crew at ease

2003 Wagsdash

2006 Wagsdash

Alan in the winners circle with The Wags

Alan with the check for $2500

Mrs Wags gives Alan a kiss

Alan with Grand Marshal Parnelli Jones more

Alan in his office

Alan in his office

Alan in his seat

Alan in the car

Ernie talking to Alan in the car

The Laundry out

Alan in the cockpit

In the staging lanes at Ventura

In the cockpit

# 97

# 97

Alan getting in the car

Alan with his car

Getting the car ready

Alan out front at the PAS

and Now some cars Alan drove

# 97

# 97 in the Wagsdash tire change event

# 75 getting attention

# 97 Alan buckled in

# 97 ready to go

# 97 ready to push off

# 97 got muddy

# 97

# 97

# 17a

# 97

Under the EZ UP

More contest

In the tire change contest

# 97

# 97

# 97

# 97 Side view

# 97 Sideways on the track

# 97


Alan was a hard charger who won the Wagsdash two times, in 2003 and 2006. On what I thought Was his best race of his career, besides the Wagsdash wins, was when he beat Damion Gardner at Ventura by passing him more than once and got a victory by less than a wheel on October 29, 2005. It was his only CRA win, but an exciting one. His grandpa bought him a big new hauler and his dad Ernie went with him to all the races, both working hard on the car. Alan could have won more races, but he retired too soon and went off to a real life.