Adam Mitchell

Adam Receiving the Wagsbucks from Bethany Thrasher and Wags

Adam with Wags


Adam still talking with Wags

Adam and family with my dog Dusty's brother Maverick at the weeny dog races

Adam with Casey Shuman and Wags

Adam in his car

Adam in uniform

Adam relaxing


Intro time

At the track

Adam's white knight

Adams army car

How many Camels?

I'm not sure who won?

# 14

Adam and Tony Jones

Adam was a fun driver who worked hard to get his due. He won one CRA race before he retired and that at Perris on June 12, 2004. Adam was always smiling when you chatted. He was a family man and got the brother to my Dubya back in the day. When Dubya ran away on the 4th of July race at Perris when I opened the motorhome door as the first rocket went off, Dubya escaped and we couldn't catch him. He was gone 3 days before someone called the dog place.The next day Adam called and said since he had the brother, he thought he could think like Dubya and went back to Perris to search for him. He was that kind of guy. He is on that long list of drivers who retired early, to us fans, and further took away another driver. I still miss him!

Updated 8/3/17