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Point leader Steve Ostling is a close second to winner!!!

The dayglow green lightning bolt that has been hitting the SCRA club in consistent small bursts this season, finally struck gold this week. The "Little Demon", Damion Gardner, made good his promise to consistently run up front and win SOON. I call him the Little Demon because he drives like he is possessed, and this week he surely was! This guy has been a thorn in the SCRA veterans side since the year started, in this his rookie year, coming from the "wing world" up north. Damion has won in every form of racing he has tried before this, and after passing the Gasman and the Kruser in a dash confrontation recently, it was obvious the inevitable would soon happen. Damion got his 3rd fast time of the year on his way to the 30 lap win, and prior to this week had only made the podium once, and that only two races ago.

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Damion's win this week might be a surprise to some, but not really if you have been watching his steady improvement this year. It was as sure to happen as breakfast in the morning. The excitable driver of the # 20, COY Construction, Aldrich Air, C M Excavating car, was his usual gutsy self in making the moves around and under those in front of him, as he sets the fans on fire with his aggressive style on the track. His smile after the race tells us there will be more to come. He has been one to watch from the start of the year and now everyone will have to set up and take notice of this young budding star. Great job by the "rookie" who came in from the cold …………..north, to run this non-wing stuff. He tells me he still needs cash help to get back east?

Steve Ostling drove the wheels off the Watt Enterprises, Pacific Coast Sportswear, Stress Relief Engineering # 29 again this week. Still, he came up a little short in the battle that he and Damion put on for the fans, but it was a good one! Steve led the first 12 laps before the wild demon green streak got by him, but he chased, caught and passed him on lap 21. The short lead left the way it came, thru daring lap traffic moves by the Demon, but Steve held on to get 2nd on a great drive and never gave up trying for the win. The point leader increased his lead a few points as he continues to run in the high rent district, week after week. His tour plans are up in the air as his car owner and crew have already made plans to do other things with that time off, due to no money for the tour. That means Steve is looking for a tour ride to keep him in the points picture! The noise you hear is the Ostling family going wild! Find this guy a ride!

Rip Williams has been cruisin' for a win lately, giving evidence that he wants to break the tie with Cory Kruseman for the most all time wins in SCRA. Rip was second in his heat, won the JE Pistons Passing Masters Dash and then started on the pole of the main event. Ostling blasted away from him on the start, and then Rip dropped back to 4th for a while before rallying to pass Mike Kirby for third on the last lap. Still driving the black # 3, Vista Paint, John Jory Corp, Crittendon Racing sprinter that comes to work in the newest and biggest hauler of them all, he has been stepping up his act on the track. The black "Big John" 18 wheeler is impressive on the highway and provides pit watchers entertainment during unloading and loading at the races. Car owner, Jack Jory, enjoys the scene and says they have got it down now where only a couple of people are really needed to move the two cars in and out of the trailer. Watch it yourself, you will be entertained!

Cory Kruseman was the hard charger of the night, officially passing the most cars from his starting spot, as he came from 12th to get 5th at the end. Cory also moved up into 2nd in points, a mere 27 behind the leader. After he got by Tony Jones, the two of them made a mad dash towards the front as if hooked together. Cory won his heat after a 12th quick qualifying time earlier in the night. He will be going back to run the Ohio 4 race non-wing sprint deal after Santa Maria next week. He has an aggressive schedule these days, what with his sprint car school, his SCRA ride, and other Indiana rides he gathers in during any lulls left over, so he is a busy man.

Mike Kirby had another good night and was in the hunt in the main event. He actually bothered Ostling most of the race, running right on his tail and looking to get around him every corner, but didn't find enough traction to ever make the right move. The 50 lap winner last time out was very racy and was a close 4th at the checkered flag. Tony "Cowboy" Jones looked good in the main, but like Kruseman, wasn't able to find that sweet spot to the front like usual. His 6th place finish keeps him 4th in points, only 40 points behind Ostling.

John Scott hasn't had the best of years, yet, but has been working hard to get his car working like he wants. John started 11th and finished 7th as the beautiful yellow and green # 83 continues to shine on the track. He is another of the many "next wins mine" drivers in SCRA just waiting to break loose. Too many stars makes it fun for the fans, but tough for the teams to excel every week. What a great deal for the SCRA fans. Lets start a list of the next winners with him. Charles Davis Jr had another tough week at the PAS. This time, and once again after winning at Manzy during the week off, Charlie had some good spots, but not what he wanted, a win here! He looked good early as he won his heat, ran 4th in the dash and was a player early in the main, until a shunt with another car let the floodgates open and many cars got by him. He recovered to get 9th for a good finish, but if he had any luck at all, he would win here. Maybe soon, so put him on the list.

Richard Griffin had another "oops why me" week in the SCRA action. In his heat he got crossed up a tad and Adam Mitchell launched himself over his wheel, where he was done for the night after a wild end over end crash. Richard returned, after not refiring for the heat restart, to win the Semi and start 9th in the main. An altercation early in the main sent him flying off the racing surface, to the inside of the track, where he stopped. He restarted and clawed his way back to 8th at the end, actually passing more cars than anyone else, but they don't pay for that one. Richard dropped to third in points as the long season marches on. They work hard on this Bruce Bromme Jr led team, good results have to be just around the corner. Put him on the list.

Rookie Bobby Cody was 12th this week in the main after an impressive 2nd in his heat where he put on a good show for the fans. The improvement of this guy has opened some eyes as he makes strong marks each time out now. Ronnie Clark made a swift move in his heat to pass the 4th place car and make the main. He ran 15th for his strongest showing of the season after the long tow from Arizona. A visitor from Yucca Valley showed up this week to check out the fast lane of SCRA. Toby Stanford has some 360 experience and got to run some laps to check us out. Don't know if he will come back, but the black number 31 looked sharp in the sunlight early in the day and he appeared to have some fun.

The Gardner Motorsports fire sale of all their racing equipment moved a Mule and a Sled into Verne Sweeney's stable this week. No, they aren't farmers, just racers under an overhaul period. Verne showed up with the Gardner blue and white newly numbered 98 Sled chassis in his trailer this week and used it to run 16th while getting use to a new car to him. Greg DeCaries came south again this week to run Ben Lancaster's number 14 car. Ben from Las Vegas and Greg from Northern California, both made long trips for nothing this time when the car, according to Ben, had the wrong gear in it and Greg could only muster a 10th in the semi. They will try again next week.

The bad news maladies hit several crews this week, especially Adam Mitchell's nasty crash, but he wasn't alone in the expensive repair jobs coming up. Danny Sheridan lost a motor, as did Bob Ferro during the night as two didn't get to run at all. Gary Howard was running well in the main when a steering problem stopped him on the track and put him out. This car has been running great and only the crazies keep him from running up front. Put him on the list. Mike English also dropped out after running strong earlier. Add him to the list. One who had some "bad experiences" the night before, but rallied to come drive dad's car was Michael Hinrichsen. Michael went to a bachelor party and was able to crawl into the # 16 and have more fun racing this week. It's lucky he showed as his dad, Rick, was ready to step in and have some fun of his own.

Adam Mitchell received the $114 of Wagsbucks collected this week and will obviously be qualified for the Wagsdash on October 26th at Ventura. Shiny tires were great again this week with some doing exceptionally well, two who impressed the judges were Dan Hillberg and Verne Sweeney. They had a tough job as Mike English, Mike Kirby, Richard Griffin, Brian Venard, and several others were worthy. Remember, the fans love that added touch that the crews spend the extra time on. This week at the PAS I did raffle tickets to the RC car and the Snap-on Toolbox plus a few tickets to Oskaloosa on the tour. Thanks to all who came by to donate. Those Oskaloosa tickets, by the way, are going fast, so see me now before they are gone. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you……… oh well, a word to the wise. The tour tow money total is near $1300, but can you hear me now????

In the next few weeks, We will be at Santa Maria, then I take off with Mike Clark to go to Indiana for a race at Terre Haute, then on to Ohio checking up on Cory, who will run at at Attica, Fremont and Limaland, and then we all come back to The PAS on Saturday, June 22nd. I will have tickets with me for all the above and will be collecting tour tow money along the way. Come see me.

Hey, how bout those Laker girls! On to the local news. Last weeks article was way late after my weekend of wild b-day celebrations, not because I overdid any libations or other party favor fun, but more because I couldn't get it done, physically. I really had the story complete, but was unable to sit up and send it in. Confused, well when you have one of those "back problems" that don't allow movement of any kind, without a visit from the painman *&#@*&*$, you don't do anything for two long days. Walking on crutches is not new to me, but I don't want to get used to going to work like I did the next two days. All better now (?) and I am ready for more punishment. I didn't do my regular walkaround this week in the pits early, instead choosing to play it easy by Wilda Kindoll and Evelyn Pratt's work area in their shade. Thanks to the Fischer brothers for the ride in to the pits. Have you seen their little TV in the cab of the truck. It plays what's going on behind them as they go down the road. Cool, I want one for my motorhome. I'll be ready for Santa Maria, are you? Don't miss this one, it is always a visual feast at this scenery laden track. Support the SCRA this week, get on the road with me.

In other news, there are 20 cars signed up to go on tour this year, with 8 more thinking about it, or maybe I should say looking for the funds to go. This is official from the SCRA office and soon the names will be released to protect the less fortunate. You can count on Kruseman, Gasman, Williams & English, Sherman, Kirby, Scott, Gardner, Davis and probably Jones in the 20 that have committed. I will post the list very soon, but get ready back there, the SCRA is coming your way. Oh yeah, a big party/fun raiser at a local bowling alley run by east coast fan Jeff Kohler, is heating up for Saturday morning, August 10th after the Williams Grove race. More on that as we near the tour, but the PA Posse has issued a challenge to the SCRA stars in a bowling contest. More soon. Add to this a visit to the Shartlesville hotel on the following Sunday and their unbeatable buffet of Dutch food. I have to check and see if they are still open, but will get back on that. PS, turn me over, I think I'm done.

1. Steve Ostling 766, 2. Cory Kruseman 739, 3. Richard Griffin 734, 4. Tony Jones 726, 5. Rip Williams 690, 6. Jeremy Sherman 674, 7. Mike Kirby 641, 8. John Scott 640, 9. Damion Gardner 574, 10. 94 Charles Davis, Jr 538, 11. Troy Rutherford 523, 12. Rickie Gaunt 497, 13. Mike English 447, 14. Gary W. Howard 364, 15. Bobby Graham 348, 16. Rodney Argo 269, 17. Danny Sheridan 213, 18. Levi Jones 213, 19. Adam Mitchell 211, 20. Michael Hinrichsen 210

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