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Cory is one short of tieing Rip Williams for most SCRA wins with 54!!!!!!!!

The 2002 season didn't start off as robust as last year for the reigning SCRA Champion Cory Kruseman. An opening day race problem, an unavoidable crash next, and other little maladies kept him back from scoring well early. But after this weeks 2nd consecutive win at the PAS, he took over the point lead by seven over Tony Jones. With the best weather yet this season, the SCRA fans got a great show, even though they had to wait thru the USAC Ford Focus exhibition that went on too long. Other than that, the late night was punctuated with another great feature with plenty of surprises.

This weeks pics by Mrs Wags are here!

Cory, driving the Worldgate Networks, Camland, TCR, # 1, won his heat from the back, ran 3rd in the dash, then waited until the time was right to pass leader, Richard Griffin, for the win. Cory managed to find the right path on the tricky track and used a top groove launch down to the low groove to make his best laps work for him. It was his 2nd win in a row and 54th lifetime SCRA win, so he just keeps on trucking. I noted a very small # 45 on the big number 1 on the fuel cell. They want to run the # 1, but miss the regular number the black car has always carried. Cory's Silver Crown efforts for this season have been delayed as he has left his current SC ride. No word on if a new opportunity is available in the near future, but at this time the point leader may be in the same position as last year when he took the lead in points and stayed home to win his first SCRA championship.

Mike Kirby came out charging this week after an overheating 360 stopped his charge at Ventura's VRA race last week while running 5th and on the move. Mike, driving the Statewide Towing, Geurin's Mobile Home Service, Western Steam Systems, Stinger Chassis, # 5, was 2nd quick qualifier on the night, a spot loftier than usual for the Figure 8 champion. He moved up from his 7th starting spot to 5th in the main event before a slide job by Tony Jones allowed him a little brain fade, or was it he missed the brake? Jones slowed, Mike didn't and the resulting spin caused a yellow flag. After spinning Jones out, Mike went on to run exceptionally well and get in position to win in the last few laps. When he poked his nose ahead of Cory, two flag stops happened quickly that resulted in restarts. On the last restart, Cory drove in Mike's line to preserve his win. Mike finished 2nd ahead of the "Little Red Sucker".

Speaking of which, Richard Griffin drove the red # 50, Arizona Race Mart, Circle C Marketing, Madera Produce, John Boy Chassis to third, and had his best look at a win this season by leading the first 17 laps. Richard and Damion Gardner put on a great battle in the JE Pistons Passing Masters Dash, with the young rookie blasting by him for the win there. Richard is 3rd in points as he looks to win another championship in SCRA this season. The "Bromme Brain Trust" had his mount ready to win this week, so watch out for him in the weeks to come, he has that look in his eye.

Tony Jones was moving with his normal swashbuckling style thru the pack from his 10th starting spot when he made a slider move on Kirby, without touching him. It put him in 5th with 20 laps to go, so he was in good position to make the podium again. Unfortunately, and after "the push", restarting at the back hurt those chances, but he gave a good show to the fans. The "Podium Cowboy " horsed his # 87 Avenger Chassis thru traffic, going high and low, looking to catch the # 5, but ended up 7th and left the track later with a determined look on his face for next time.

One of the better PMD dashes happened this week, showcasing the young rookie in SCRA, Damion Gardner. This young man has raced like a "demon" every appearance with us. "The little demon" has refused to lift anytime his # 20 isn't exactly in shape, thus providing some hair-raising excitement on the track for his new fans. He literally stormed his way to a win in the 6 lap race with Cory and the Gasman, providing that "never lift" attitude over and over, even when he was in 3rd chasing them. He is learning this non-wing stuff very fast and only seat time will make those banzai moves a little smoother, and perhaps not always looking like he is on the ragged edge out there. This week he got stalled when the car in front of him slowed and he checked up. The resulting spin collected the Ripper and both went to the back. Damion finished 12th and Rip 18th after that.

And now and announcement. Demon Damion has a small problem. Damion himself is his only major sponsor, as this young man supports his racing with one job, he is a mechanic, and has very little financial help. So far he has managed to make every SCRA race, but that is at risk now. He sold his hauler this week to raise more money to keep him coming down here for a little longer. He borrowed a hauler to come the 400 plus miles from Concord to race this week. He is looking for some help in either a major money sponsor, or a full time ride with SCRA. He wants to keep running with us and could use some help. This Damion has talent and has proved to have no fear, so if your looking for a good young driver, check him out.

Ron Didonato's newly painted # 57 is sharp, and Danny Sheridan ran sharply in the car this week, signaling "they are back"! Danny and the "new" team have been making strides in getting their act together in forming this venture. This weeks 19th to 10th run by Danny shows how far they have come. With an off week coming up, Danny will be driving with the Bandits at Bakersfield on Saturday, for those who want an alternate 360 non-wing show. The car? Man, paint by Santini gets a big WOW for the final look on this beauty. Santini has always done Ron's cars, without any influence I might add, and this one is very different that any # 57's before it.

John Scott and Steve Ostling ran 4th and 5th very quietly this week, as both had to come a long way. John was 3rd in his heat and 4th on the night, looking like he was ready to keep moving up at the end. Steve started 15th and was the hard charger of the week with his 5th. Steve ran away with his heat and is looking for his next win. Charles Davis Jr had tough luck as he was up as high as 3rd before a "tangle" with another car forced him to restart at the back, getting 16th in the end. Levi Jones used bad weather as an excuse to make another trip out from the Midwest to run Glenn Crossno's car to 11th after running the C Main. A late qualifying effort was like the rest, after two third's of the field had qualified, slower than he wanted. Casey Shuman had his first ride in the # 12 Pratt car this week vacated by Jordan Hermansader. He missed the main, but should be back to improve next race.

If I told you that SCRA rookie Bob Johnson is driving the old red # 81 car that J J Ercse drove last year, that would be news to some. In his 4th race ever, he is still smiling and talking like his 14 year old son Robert might be the heir apparent to the seat in a couple of years. If I told you the team is in bright red matching t-shirts with the number on them, perhaps you would say isn't it nice they had them made for that spiffy look. The truth is Bob's wife Shirley found them in an Old Navy store as part of the regular fare, but they look great and make them all stand out! The nice family seems to be having fun as Bob gets all the real enjoyment so far by driving the race car.

Another horrendous crash happened tonight when Verne Sweeney got sideways and was clipped by someone, sending him into one of "those" scary tumbles that looked worse that it tuned out. His many flips almost looked like they go into slow motion as time stood nearly still, until Verne climbed out and walked away. Verne was fine after the race, but the car was not!

Wagtimer Willie Bandy came to his first race this year after being diagnosed with cancer at Xmas time. Although Willie is not out of the woods in his recovery, his desire to see a race overrode his wife Sonia's need to keep him home and improving with his treatments. Willie had a big support group in the stands and made it through the heats before back pain sent him to the van to wait for the family to watch the rest of the action without him. Willie sported a big smile as the smell and noise of the sprinters were a real treat for him!

Dale Frye had his awesome drawings displayed for sale at The PAS this week. Plus the Kinser/ Swindell raffle model he created was available for viewing as he sold raffle tickets for that. The drawing is the end of this month, so hurry and get more raffle tickets. All the proceeds raised go to the Leukemia Society.

More of you found me for the Wagsbucks collections this week. We ended up with $131 and I didn't note anyone who beat their car up, except Verne, and since we award it before the Main event, we will add it to next race. I still have great seats for the Oskaloosa SCRA race at $25 each and am collecting tour money for the racers. There was $ 177 collected in the pits last night, so our tow money total for the SCRA tour now is nearing $600, and we need more!

With a week off, I don't know my racing destination next Saturday, if any at all with the musings of one Mrs Wags about being tired and wanting to stay home, but Ventura always is calling me when the SCRA is dark. Besides, many SCRA regulars like to go and cherry pick there, Hah! I guess only Troy Rutherford has managed to beat the "beach Boys" of VRA in the two weeks off. Mrs Wags has several requests for me, so we will see who wins. I am out looking for a motorhome for Dubya, so will be shopping for that. I want a class C about 25 feet long or so, with the bedroom in the back, for under $15,000. And people down below want ice water, heh?

See ya on the road and back to the PAS on the 27th. Hope we run alone!

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