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We paid out :
$500 to Austin Williams on 11/02/12 plus a specially labeled bottle of Royal Crown for Hard Charger Friday night

On Saturday 11/03/12 we paid:
$1000 and a bottle of specially labeled Crown Royal to Rickie Gaunt for his Wagtimes/Lafond Hard Charger Award.
$400 of Wagsbucks to # 4 of the Alexander Brothers
$300 of Wagsbucks to Moose Racing # 92 of Tom and Laurie Sertich
$210 to # 7 Brian Clauson car for shiny Tires
$220 to Robert Ballou for Travel money back home.

Rickie Gaunt receives $1000 jar of change, a bottle of Crown Royal and plenty of atta boys for his Wagtime/Lafond Hard Charger Award on Saturday night. Foto by Tear off Heaven Fotos

Austin Williams got $500 and a bottle of Crown Royal Friday night for Hard Charger. here with Steve Lafond, Wags and Mike Clark. Foto by Tear off Heaven Fotos

The following photos were shot by Chuck Fry!

Rickie Gaunt got the Lafond Jar of change with $1000 and a bottle of Crown Royal for Hard charger. Here with Biker Bruce and Wags

Rickie and Steve lafond

Rickie with car owner David Miller and Wags

$ 400 Wagsbucks for Mark Alexander

Laurie Sertich received $ 300 Wagsbucks

Robert Ballou received a little traveling money

The Number 7 car got shiney tire money. Mike Clark presents to Bryan's mom. Checkered